GC Summer Sports Awards 2021

May 27, 2021 | Girls’ College

It gives us great pleasure to announce the recipients of Summer Sports Awards for the 2020–2021 season.

In 2020, a decision was made to not to give awards in the Winter or Final Colours Awards assemblies. The reason for this was a lack of inter-school, provincial and national competitions for students to compete in.

In 2020, we awarded Certificates of Sporting Excellence to our Matric students who had been outstanding in their chosen winter sport. A similar system has therefore been applied to summer sports for this season.

The Boys’ and Girls’ College Colours Committees have had another extremely difficult decision this year, after a season in which only certain summer sporting codes have been allowed to compete locally, at a provincial level and at a national level, for various reasons and sporting changes around the pandemic.

Congratulations, One and All!


Most Promising Junior: Katherine Leschner

Best Junior: Gemma Weyers

Half Colours: Grace Brammer

Half Colours Re-award: Nkazimlo Matyolo

Most Promising Senior: Bailey Davenport

Honours Re-award: Bailey Davenport

Best Senior: Bailey Heydra

Honours Re-award: Bailey Heydra


Most Improved Junior: Ntemi Ngwenya

Most Promising Junior: Mackenna Ward

Best Junior: Teagan Griessel

Certificate of Excellence: Kaileen Govender

Certificate of Excellence: Lilitha Ngcwembe

Certificate of Excellence: Folasade Peleowo

Certificate of Excellence: Shannon Reid

Most Improved Senior: Zoe Botoulas

Colours: Zoe Botoulas

Colours: Brigitte Kappler

Most Promising Senior: Grace Leech

Colours: Grace Leech

Best Senior: Shelby Schoeman

Colours Re-award: Shelby Schoeman

Best Senior: Skye Tucker

Colours Re-award: Skye Tucker


Most Promising Junior: Cleo Lin

Best Junior: Chelsea White

Half Colours: Annette Greyling

Half Colours: Jozi Nupen

Half Colours: Emma Peacock

Half Colours: Dieu-Dené van Jaarsveld

Colours: Kerri-Lee Hitge

Most Promising Senior: Grace Hudson

Colours: Grace Hudson

Best Senior: Dakota Tucker

Colours: Dakota Tucker

Colours: Danica van Jaarsveld

Honours: Gabriella Moll

Honours citation: Gabriella Moll

Gabriella was first selected for the St Stithians Girls’ College Interhigh Swimming Team in 2017 and has been an integral part of the team that has since then won three of the last four Interhigh events and two National Aquatics titles. She was chosen as the captain for the 2021 St Stithians Girls’ College swim team which she led by example both in the pool and out.

Gabriella has qualified to respresent her club at the South African Nationals Junior championships since 2017 where she has won numerous medals and qualified to represent her province at the South African Senior National Championship since 2019. She excelled at these Championships this year winning silver in the 100m and 200m breaststroke, an event in which she has a best time of 2:42.69 ranking her 15th in South Africa for this event.

For her contribution to swimming at St Stithians Girls’ College and the level of excellence that she has achieved, Gabriella is awarded Honours.


Most Improved Junior: Ingrid Els

Most Promising Junior: Kirsten Cheng

Best Junior: Alexandrea Nemeth

Most Improved Senior: Jocelyn Dyer

Half Colours: Jocelyn Dyer

Half Colours: Gisela Sittmann

Colours: Cayla Crew

Colours: Dayna McCarthy

Most Promising Senior: Chloe Nel

Colours: Chloe Nel

Best Senior: Ashton van Heerden

Colours Re-award: Ashton van Heerden

Water Polo

Most Improved Junior: Sinead King

Most Improved Senior: Tatum Milns

Most Promising Junior: Gina Sgauzzin

Certificate of Excellence: Amy Fitzsimons

Certificate of Excellence: Bianca Kennerley

Certificate of Excellence: Veronica Keys

Certificate of Excellence: Jenna Loughor-Clarke

Most Promising Senior: Samantha Varrie

Certificate of Excellence: Samantha Varrie



Katherine Leschner

Most Promising Junior: Diving

Gemma Weyers

Best Junior: Diving

Grace Brammer

Half Colours: Diving

Nkazimlo Matyolo

Half Colours Re-award: Diving

Bailey Davenport

Most Promising Senior: Diving
Honours Re-award: Diving

Bailey Heydra

Best Senior: Diving
Honours Re-award: Diving


Ntemi Ngwenya

Most Improved Junior: Rowing

Mackenna Ward

Most Promising Junior: Rowing

Teagan Griessel

Best Junior: Rowing

Kaileen Govender

Certificate of Excellence: Rowing

Lilitha Ngcwembe

Certificate of Excellence: Rowing

Folasade Peleowo

Certificate of Excellence: Rowing

Shannon Reid

Certificate of Excellence: Rowing

Zoe Botoulas

Most Improved Senior: Rowing
Colours: Rowing

Brigitte Kappler

Colours: Rowing

Grace Leech

Most Promising Senior: Rowing
Colours: Rowing

Shelby Schoeman

Best Senior: Rowing
Colours Re-award: Rowing

Skye Tucker

Best Senior: Rowing
Colours Re-award: Rowing


Cleo Lin

Most Promising Junior: Swimming

Chelsea White

Best Junior: Swimming

Annette Greyling

Half Colours: Swimming

Jozi Nupen

Half Colours: Swimming

Emma Peacock

Half Colours: Swimming

Dieu-Dené van Jaarsveld

Half Colours: Swimming

Kerri-Lee Hitge

Colours: Swimming

Grace Hudson

Most Promising Senior: Swimming
Colours: Swimming

Dakota Tucker

Best Senior: Swimming
Colours: Swimming

Danica van Jaarsveld

Colours: Swimming

Gabriella Moll

Honours: Swimming


Ingrid Els

Most Improved Junior: Tennis

Kirsten Cheng

Most Promising Junior: Tennis

Alexandrea Nemeth

Best Junior: Tennis

Jocelyn Dyer

Most Improved Senior: Tennis
Half Colours: Tennis

Gisela Sittmann

Half Colours: Tennis

Cayla Crew

Colours: Tennis

Dayna McCarthy

Colours: Tennis

Chloe Nel

Most Promising Senior: Tennis
Colours: Tennis

Ashton van Heerden

Best Senior: Tennis
Colours Re-award: Tennis

Water Polo

Sinead King

Most Improved Junior: Water Polo

Tatum Milns

Most Improved Senior: Water Polo

Gina Sgauzzin

Most Promising Junior: Water Polo

Amy Fitzsimons

Certificate of Excellence: Water Polo

Bianca Kennerley

Certificate of Excellence: Water Polo

Veronica Keys

Certificate of Excellence: Water Polo

Jenna Loughor-Clarke

Certificate of Excellence: Water Polo

Samantha Varrie

Most Promising Senior: Water Polo
Certificate of Excellence: Water Polo