NumberSense Day

April 08, 2022 | Junior Preparatory

On Monday 24 March the Junior Prep children were immersed in a day full of fun mathematical activities. This was the annual NumberSense Day. The children arrived at school sporting creative accessories. They showcased their special number using a variety of creative and stylish objects.

The children were very excited to see their friends when they arrived at school so they could show off their creative designs. Walking through the different corridors you could hear some children explaining to their friends their inspiration for their outfits and you could see some counting if their friends numbers indeed matched the number of items on their outfits.

There were many fun and exciting activities planned for the children across all the grades.

There were activities involving Smarties including sorting, counting, graphing and a baking activity. As part of their activities the children decided that they would help Mrs. Farrell by sorting the different bottle tops that had been collected thus far. There was also some map work done with the Smarties. Throughout all these activities the children had to learn self-control and resist the urge to sneak one or ten of the Smarties and eat them. After all the fun was had the children finally were allowed to devour their sweets. The children thoroughly enjoyed being involved in creative mathematical activities and sharing corny number jokes that they had learnt.