Matric Results 2021

January 19, 2022 | Campus

There is a theory that suggests that all great change arises from chaos. As we look back over the past two years it is clear that the initial chaos of the pandemic catapulted all of us into great change. That we have done as well as we have, while continuing to innovate and lead, is an indication of the depth of character evident in our College in the shape of our incredible staff, parents and learners. These Matric results reflect the efforts of our entire Saints community.

The Class of 2021 deserves particular mention. This is their moment. It bears remembering that these students endured two years of the disruption brought by Covid-19. For them, the academic programme changed in March 2020. The final two years of the Saints journey is the pinnacle of not only the academic journey, but of the leadership programme too. These would have been the years to excel on the sports fields and in the cultural arena. Although so much was missing, without complaint and without missing a beat, the Class of 2021 set about reimagining their last two years of school. Perhaps it was not how they dreamed or hoped it would be, but when put to the test, they produced something extraordinary. They had to dig deep and they did that and more.

We celebrate the academic excellence so evident in these results. We are aware that results that come in the form of percentages and statistics do little to reflect the efforts of individual students. We are also keenly aware that excellence is in superb marks, but it shines equally in the results of those who have shown up every day to meet their particular challenges, determined to exceed their own expectations. As a cohort, these Matriculants will be remembered in the history of the school and looked upon as role models, teaching us how to face adversity and rise to make a world of difference. If they can do this under these circumstances, their future is assured.

As we look back on 2021, we are so aware of a sharp sense of loss within the College community. There are very few families, both staff and parents, that have not been affected by the loss of loved ones. We are also keenly aware of the financial strain brought about by a stumbling economy. Despite all of this, we continue to support one another and to draw comfort from our faith and our community.

Our theme for 2021 was Hope and Light. Hope is something that can be taught and children learn hope from their parents and teachers. Hope requires strong boundaries, achievable goals and tenacity. We have worked hard to nurture hope – this is what will take us forward – we can’t hope backwards. Light has been a wonderful beacon in what could have been a very dark time. We have the light of faith, of community, of the great purpose of our work and in the joy of what we do. Hope and Light have created a calm and healing space for the College.

The announcement of results is the culmination of a much longer journey. From the first, tentative day at school to the confident young students who leave us with a National Senior Certificate, we thank our St Stithians teachers at the Junior Prep, the Boys’ Prep, the Girls’ Prep and Kamoka Bush School, and those teachers at all the other primary schools, who have done what dedicated teachers do – given selflessly in the service of their students. Yours is the work of legacy.

When the results of the Boys’ College and the Girls’ College are combined, our 244 candidates achieved a 100% Matric pass rate, a 97% Bachelor's Degree (BD) pass rate, and a total of 640 subject distinctions (80% or more). 7 students achieved the St Stithians Summa Cum Laude award – an average of 90% and above. A total of 66% students achieved an average of 70% or above. 19 students achieved 30 subject marks in the top 1% of all IEB candidates.

Reflecting our model of a College of Schools, the results of the Boys’ College and the Girls’ College are published separately. Please click on the links below for each school.

Girls’ College Matric Results 2021                   Boys’ College Matric Results 2021 


Thank you and well done, One and All. We look forward to our latest generation of Old Stithians remaining connected as valued alumni to the College and our Old Stithian Association, and telling the tales of 2021 as we meet them again in the years to come. Once a Saint, Always a Saint.

It is an historic year for us as we celebrate the 100% pass rate achieved by our first St Stithians Online School students who wrote the International GCSE last year. We celebrate them One and All.

As the St Stithians community, we look forward to the release of the public schools’ Matric results; once these become available, we will celebrate the results of the students attending our Thandulwazi Maths and Science Academy's Saturday School.

Our theme for this year will focus on passion and purpose. As we contemplate the final shape of the words that will carry and inspire us this year, it is fitting that purpose is an outcome of hope, so linking the past to the present as we move into the future.

Simon Sinek encapsulates our ethos and how we see leadership in these words: ‘Truly effective and inspiring leaders aren’t actually driven to lead people; they are driven to serve them.’ Our class of 2021 goes forward with hope and light, ready to find their passionate and serving purpose.

We wish our Matrics well as they leave St Stithians. May they find and bring both hope and light into a world that will be so much richer for the part they will play in it.


Mrs Celeste Gilardi                Dr Sally James                                          Mr David du Toit

Rector                                    Head of School: Girls' College                  Head of School: Boys' College