Junior Prep Comrades for Cancer

May 31, 2019 | Junior Preparatory

On Friday 24 May the Junior Prep children participated in their very own shortened version of the Comrades Marathon held in KZN, known as Comrades for Cancer. Grade R children completed 2.3 km and most of our Grade 1 and 2 children ran 2 laps completing 4.6 km. This event was initiated by the Head of School, Mrs Gayle Harris, in support of cancer research. This event also inspires our children to complete a challenging running course in the company of friends. We promote the ideals of camaraderie, courage and kindness.

We would like to thank our families for supporting this worthy cause, our class parents who assisted along the route and all College staff who assisted us in hosting this event.

We wish all members of our community who are participating in the Comrades Marathon on 9 June a successful run.