JP to Matric Journey: a celebration of a St Stithians Education

Each year, during the matrics final week of school it is traditional for the Junior Preparatory (JP) to invite those matrics who began their education in Gr R, 1 or 2 back to the school for a party and reflection of how far they have progressed since their early days at school. 

At both the Boys’ and Girls’ Colleges students gather with some staff and walk across to the gateway entrance of the Junior Prep.  Each student is presented with a brochure with both their JP school photo and their matric school photo side by side. This causes much mirth and laughter by all students who almost don’t recognise themselves! 

Upon entering the JP, the students’ faces light up as they greet their past teachers and gently try to sit on the tiny chairs.  It’s hard to believe their knees fitted under those little desks and how small the jungle gyms have become.  Compared to high school the classroom is filled with bright colours, letters of the alphabet and tips on how to share with each other. 

Once inside the various Grade R classrooms the matrics were shown a video performed by the current Grade R’s (matric Class of 2034). The video can be viewed below. Cheerful songs were sung and pieces for advice given such as “Drive carefully”, “study hard”, “good luck for your future” and “Don’t drink too much!”  We hope that our matrics have taken these wise words to heart. 

Each student also received a small, glass jar reminding them to never stop playing even though they are now adults.  And then it was time for the jungle gyms and slides ….and a formal photograph.  The students left tearful and in wonder “The days have been long, but the years were short”.   

#InspiringExcellence #MakingAWorldOfDifference 

Junior Prep to Matric Journey 2021

Messages from our Grade R's to the Matrics of 2021.