Grade Five Celebration of Learning

September 21, 2023 | Boys’ Preparatory | Author: Mrs Sarah Burnham-King

What a wonderful start to Term Three it was, with our Celebration of Learning taking place in Grade Five. Our parents were welcomed with a wonderfully witty introduction; thanks to Mrs Bragge for her amazing and creative input. They were then taken on a journey of learning through the year where the boys shared some of their remarkable academic achievements. These included skeletons made during Creativity Lab with Mr Hempson, linked to their Natural Science curriculum taught by Mr Adams, as well as solar ovens and merge cubes. Beautiful pieces of art, including Mandela portraits, were displayed by Mrs Vermaak. Book reports, dialogues, weather reports and limericks from English were displayed with the assistance of Mrs Stockigt. Oh, the limericks! What fun was had by all the parents who were challenged to create a limerick and then use the boys' IT skills taught by Miss Sidwell to record it on Green Screen. Several other iMovies and 3-dimensional shape stop motions were shared with the parents. Maths with Mrs Burnham-King showcased data handling projects, 3-dimensional objects constructed using mechanics and string to pull the net into a shape, images of fractions in action, speed drill challenges and exploring angles. Our Social Emotional journey, witnessed by our Kindness Campaign championed by Mrs Bunch, and our flourishing Arbor Day plants, show how our boys are learning how to be responsible and accountable for everything that they do. Images of the boys’ adventures from Camp Konka flooded the classroom screens but the most magical moments were those shared between our boys and their special invited guests. The laughter, chitter chatter and smiles showed the immense pride everyone felt today. As a Grade Five team we could not be more impressed with our boys for their impeccable manners and outstanding hosting ability, confidently and proudly discussing their journey through Grade Five. Thank you to all who contributed to making the morning such a success.