Grade 1 Winter Storytelling Evening

July 27, 2018 | Junior Preparatory

The Winter Story Telling Night was one of the highlights of Grade One.

This event was inspired by our theme on authors and encouraged our children to engage meaningfully with texts, become creative in their sentence writing and appreciate the importance of punctuation. Our core authors this year were Julia Donaldson and Kevin Henkes. These writers have such different writing styles however, their stories often have a moral or direct link to the Fruit of the Spirit in our leadership programme. The moral conundrums experienced by the characters in their stories are an excellent point of reference for many of our philosophy questions. These discussions and debates are extremely fruitful as there is no ‘right’, ‘wrong’ or ‘exact’ answer. This is often difficult for the children to fathom but plays a crucial role in creating independent thinkers and problem solvers.

The children enjoyed spending the evening with their pyjamas on, a delicious cup of hot chocolate in hand, listening to great stories read by their teachers.

As Frank Serafini said: “ There’s no such thing as a child who hates reading; there are only children who have not found the right book.”