Grade 1 Orienteering Evening

March 29, 2019 | Junior Preparatory

A new initiative this year, was the Grade 1 Orienteering evening.

The essential skill of orienteering challenges both body and mind. The children together with their dads accepted this challenge as they navigated our beautiful campus and problem solved their way to every clue. The orienteering team did a great job in explaining how to read maps and how to record that they had successfully visited each orange kite.

The children chanted the war cry which signalled the start of an exciting adventure for everyone. Using their torches and headlamps, they explored the College at night.

Although we were load shedding on the first evening, the anticipation and enthusiasm of One & All lit up the campus. The night was filled with laughter and the smell of an authentic South African Braai.

We’re proud of our Grade 1 children for continuously reminding their parents that it didn’t matter who won, and that it was more important to have fun and support those around them.