Gr 12 IsiZulu Tour to KwaZulu Natal

October 10, 2018 | Girls’ College | Author: Zimbili Langa

The Grade 12 isiZulu Tour started on the 2nd of August 2018 and it was a great success. We visited the first site at Shakaland where the movie Shaka Zulu was acted out. We learnt about a lot of things including the format of a Zulu homestead and the reasons why it was built in that way.   We learnt how young girls and boys are prepared for adulthood as well as the Zulu way of living. We also learnt about different attire that are worn depending on stage of your growth.

We then visited the chief's kraal in Hillcrest where we were taught about how the chiefs run their tribes as well as linking the setting of the area to our novel. Girls tasted different traditional meals and watched Zulu dancing from the local dancers.  Our third destination was Phezulu Cultural Village where we learnt how to pursue a young Zulu girl, from the dating days until the wedding day.

We came back on the 5th of August 2018 having learnt a lot about the Zulu Culture and spent time with Zulu native speakers.