Girls on Fire Go to Camp!

November 07, 2023 | Girls’ Preparatory

Grade 4

Few experiences compare to the thrill and excitement of going on a school camp. Grade 4 is the year in which our girls embark on their very first camp, creating lasting memories that will carry them all the way to Grade 12.

The Grade 4s adventured to the Parnassus Campsite in Magaliesburg, where they spent three days amongst the beautiful rolling mountains and streaming rivers. Our time away provided an opportunity for the girls to learn valuable life skills, develop resilience, and build relationships outside of the classroom.

Our days were action-packed, as the girls engaged in multiple team-building activities including designing and making a dress out of recycled materials, tie-dying their very own t-shirts as well as enjoying a beautiful hike up one of the many mountains that the campsite had to offer. They also relished mud activities, went up and down ropes and swung between tyres, which made up an exciting obstacle course. Cooling off in the pool and basking in the warm Magaliesburg sun was also a hot favourite!

The evenings at camp are often as eventful as the days. Our Grade 4s spent their last night under the starry sky where they were kept warm by flames from a bonfire. Huddled next to friends, telling stories and singing songs in the open air fostered an atmosphere of sisterhood and friendship.

This experience would not have been possible without the crucial role played by teachers, camp counsellors and parents. The guidance, support and encouragement offered in helping our students navigate new activities and challenges, ensured that each girl felt included throughout the journey. From us to you, our hearts see your heart.

Miss M Foo

Acting Grade 4 Coordinator

Grade 5

On Monday, 23 October, an excited group of Grade 5 students eagerly boarded the buses for Camp Discovery. Having arrived and been placed in their groups and finding their accommodation, the girls headed off for the first of many delicious meals.

Thereafter, it was straight into a variety of activities, some relaxing such as a game drive, where a few of the groups were lucky enough to see giraffe, sable, black impala and zebra amongst others. Meanwhile, the groups rotated through team-building activities where they had to build a sling shot to launch a ball, walk as a team balancing on wires and skate down an imaginary river. An evening spent singing by the campfire was the perfect end to a wonderful first day.

Tuesday followed much the same pattern. The girls participated in their groups against one another to see if the best team could win. They also continued in smaller group team building activities.  Opportunities were had to shoot a bow and arrow and an air rifle as well as to participate in tug-of-war and cross a ‘minefield’ blindfolded. Time was spent by the pool and the highlight of the day was definitely the mud obstacle course. Fears were faced and the girls showed grit and determination as they swam through the mud and balanced their way to a final swing. A pool party was a fun and clean way to end the evening before heading off for a well-deserved night’s rest.

Hot and exhausted, the girls showed their true colours as they continued to participate and give their all in the final activities of camp. Minute to win it games, a final swim and tuckshop visit ensued before a delicious chicken burger lunch to end off an amazing 3-day camp. The bus ride home was peaceful due to absolute exhaustion.

Thank you to everyone who made this experience possible; the Grade 5s had the most incredible time!

Mrs M Kyd

Grade 5 Coordinator

Grade 6

Our Grade 6 students eagerly boarded their buses and set off for Camp Konka on Monday, 23 October. After a quick trip and much excitement, we arrived at a beautiful scene; rolling lawns set on the Hex River in Magaliesburg. The girls were split into their large dormitories and immediately set off playing some ice-breaker games with the facilitators.

The first of our meals proved to be a delicious mouth-watering treat and many hungry mouths went back for seconds and some even for thirds. This was a trend that continued throughout the week. Camp Konka certainly lived up to its reputation of serving the most scrumptious meals!

The afternoon and evening activities included a variety of team-building games, chill time in the pool, and snack time at the tuckshop. As darkness fell, we all set off on a night hike to enjoy the animal sounds, including lions calling, fresh air, and some peace and quiet (as much as can be had with 80 excited girls). Bedtime came easily to most, and they fell into their bunks, hot and exhausted.

The second day dawned with bright blue skies and stifling heat. The morning activities started with a thrilling Lion Walk. We visited the many lions on the reserve, getting up close but with a safe enough distance. All agreed that it was quite an enthralling experience to be so close to these magnificent animals. The girls then continued to rotate through various team-building activities, followed by a visit to the pool and tuckshop. The afternoon ended with an exciting adventure race, made fairly challenging in the mid-30s heat we were experiencing. After supper, it was time for Capture the Flag. Needless to say, there were 80 pairs of tired legs hitting the showers and heading off to bed.

The third day was just as bright and beautiful - and just as hot. The girls stayed in their groups and were treated to an exciting array of activities, some being pushed way out of their comfort zones. Activities included wall climbing, kayaking and zip-lining. Laughter and squeals rang out through the valley and the girls had a morning of thrilling fun. The afternoon was once again spent between the pool and the tuckshop and then they were off in their oldest clothes, for some ‘mudstacle’ shenanigans. To say the Grade 6s were pushed beyond their limits is an understatement. The course was tough, muddy, scary, and required true teamwork and grit. We were exceptionally proud of our girls who displayed camaraderie, and courage, while helping their peers along the way.

On Wednesday evening, we enjoyed songs and spirit cries from all the groups and ended off the special evening with marshmallows around a campfire. The girls once again headed off to bed ready for rest and keenly anticipating the homeward journey.

Despite a frustrating delay with our transport on Thursday morning, the girls were in high spirits when our buses finally arrived to take us home. With a takeaway lunch from the wonderful staff at Konka, and a fond farewell to the facilitators, we set off on our way.

Thank you to Camp Konka, the teachers, staff and all who made this experience possible; it was a trip of a lifetime!

Mrs G Slattery

Grade 6 Coordinator