GC Grade 8 Labyrinth Ceremony

January 12, 2022 | Girls’ College | Author: Kevin Walker

On Wednesday, 12 January 2022, the first day of the 2022 school year, our Grade 8s participated in the traditional Labyrinth Ceremony, supported by their Matric mentors. The 80% rain that was predicted held off, and we were blessed with beautiful sunny weather for the event.


A labyrinth is a single winding path with one way in and one way out – it is not a maze and not designed to confuse those who walk it. It is a wonderful mindfulness exercise, and our Labyrinth holds special and sacred significance owing to its being situated next to our Mike Roberts Outdoor Chapel.

The Grade 8s are greeted by Dr Drake (Head of the GP) as they enter the Labyrinth – she represents all feeder schools. The Head Girl and her Deputies lead the new students along the winding path in contemplative silence. The twists and turns represent their high school journeys, and viewed from outside or above, the scene may appear quietly chaotic – much like life – but order does eventually prevail.

They Grade 8s are greeted by Dr James (Head of the GC) upon their exit. This rite of passage marks the completion of the prep/primary school journey and celebrates the start of an exciting new journey as they enter the College.


Greeted by Dr Drake (Head of the Girls' Prep and representing all of our feeder schools) at the start of the Labyrinth,


Greeted by Dr James (Head of the Girls' College) at the end of the Labyrinth - this symbolises the commencement of the College journey.


The anchor charm

Also in attendance at this special event were Rector Mrs Celeste Gilardi and Superintendent Chaplain Rev. Madika “Dix” Sibeko, as well as other Girls’ College staff and a number of parents who came to observe the ceremony.

The Grade 8s are also presented with the first of the charms they will receive in their time at the Girls’ College – an anchor, reminding them of the closing lines from our College Song:

That here our ship once anchor’d

And here its course was set.

For more pictures, please view the gallery below.

Photos: Annie Fyfe-Hitchings & Kevin Walker