First Day Back in 2021

February 08, 2021 | Boys’ Preparatory | Author: Lyn Griessel Boys' Prep

We welcomed our new Grade Three boys into the Boys’ Prep on Saturday 16 January. It wasn’t the start that all of us had imagined, but at least we got to meet the boys and parents in person, as they arrived to collect books and learn how to navigate some of the online systems. Staff and parents, and indeed boys, had to adapt quickly to a last-minute advice that schools had to remain closed for a further 2 weeks after the 18th of January. But if nothing else, 2020 taught us that agility and adaptability is vital as we navigate these uncertain waters of 2021! Because of this, there was a seamless transition back to online schooling with effect from 18 January.

On that Saturday morning, staff helped with screening and ensuring that COVID protocols were adhered to, when parents and boys arrived at school. It was also back to school for parents as they were coached by the Grade Three teachers on the use of the new online platforms that the boys would have to use from home. Thomas Penny stood out from the crowd as he displayed his brand-new uniform proudly with his dad alongside. He just couldn’t wait any longer to give it a test run!

Thomas Penny test run

Our Grade Five boys and parents were invited to attend school on the same Saturday, so that they could also be coached on the use of the new platforms and devices. These boys are normally required to work on an iPad, and are usually introduced to the devices and apps during the first weeks of their Grade Five year, but this requirement had to be brought forward by some weeks. Again, these boys and parents transitioned seamlessly to the new way of learning.

Welcome to all our new families, and we salute you for working in partnership with us as we look forward to a fruitful 2021, and any challenges that it might present.