Exchange with Penryn College, Durban Girls' College & The Lawrence School in India

June 28, 2015 | Girls’ College

Wonderful opportunities are opening up for our girls and staff to exchange locally.

Sabine (Head Girl of Penryn College) spent a short week with the Saints, and Obakhe and Jess reciprocated by spending a few days in the lowveld the following week.

Sabine is 3rd from the left in the front row

Penryn College founded by St Stithians College have a similar uniform to ours!

Mr Perold spend 2 weeks at Durban Girls' College at the end of last year swopping with the accounting teacher from DGC.  Mr Ancillotti and Mrs Prinsloo enjoyed a short stay with Mr Hagspihl, Head of the College and previously Director of Mathematics at St Stithians College (2004).  Mr Perold and Ms du Toit enjoyed a wonderful stay in India too during their holidays and we were able to host the teachers from The Lawrence School, India in return this year.

Aditri Khatri and parents kindly hosted the exchanges for part of the stay.

Below is a letter we received about the Teacher exchange - India 2015

  God, who makes all things new,

  Speak to us as whole people today,

  May your truth touch not just our minds,

  But also our spirits.

I have been in Johannesburg just for 15 days to learn about school life on the other side of the world from where I work, The Lawrence School, Sanawar in India. I used to believe that people in India and in Sanawar are the most hospitable people but people in Johannesburg and in St Stithians Girls’ and Boys’ College have proved me wrong.  People have been kind and generous to me, nowhere more so than in St Stithians College Thank you all for your gracious welcome.

There is great similarity and great contrast between our two worlds and our two schools. We share similar feelings and aspirations. We want a world of peace and prosperity for all, and we want it to start with our own families.

The differences between my home and yours are also striking.  As a visitor, experiencing the number and diversity of people in Johannesburg, the unique driving experiences, the animals and plants, the sights, the tastes and smells have all been revelations.

So, what have I learned from my experiences that can help me as an educator. I have learned that we share common challenges. The mission of both our institutions is to build leaders: academic leaders, athletic leaders, and most importantly, leaders of good character.

Our shared mission is to build leaders who will help make the future a good place: a place that is healthy, clean, cooperative, productive, and beautiful. This is a big challenge that we share, but the quality of our future depends on it.  It depends on you.

Schools like ours have good, strong traditions that can help develop good leaders. Traditions alone will not be enough. Yes, you absolutely will need the habits of hard work and discipline that St Stithians teaches so well. You will also need to find ways to be innovative, collaborative, and creative. There will be more people in the future, resources will be more strained, and the quality of our environment will depend on the choices that we all make.

My visit to Johannesburg has shown me that there is more beauty in the world than any person could ever experience. Let’s work together enthusiastically to keep it that way. Thank you all who have offered me your friendship and allowed me the privilege of calling you my friends. You have made my exchange a truly unforgettable one. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your hospitality. It has been an honour, a privilege and blessing to have attended such an incredible school as an exchange teacher.

Thank you

Ranjeev Solomon

The Lawrence School, Sanawar