End of Term Two

August 01, 2017 | Boys’ Preparatory | Author: Mr Q Pascoe

As we end the term, we wish to thank and celebrate all our boys for their passion, diligence, positive behaviour and their personal achievements. Furthermore, we extend our appreciation to the wonderful academic and support staff for your dedication, professional approach and the many moments where we expected you to journey the extra mile for our boys. We salute our parents who continue to support Boys’ Preparatory – thank you for your unselfish service towards Ivory Park, our PTA, various fundraising initiatives, sporting and cultural activities and more importantly for your tenderness, compassion and love shown to families within our community.

Sadly, this term will also be remembered for the passing of one of our beloved sons. While the family and school mourn this loss, we take strength in our faith knowing God has recalled an angel home. In addition, through the family’s decision to allow their son to be an organ donor, three recipients of this gift of life get to truly experience the third statement of our Saints Slogan #Make your contribution. This ultimate contribution allows these grateful recipients to appreciate an organ donor slogan which states:

“I am somebody, but part of me is somebody else”.

World Organ Donation Day is observed on 6 of August annually throughout the world. It is celebrated to encourage people to donate organs. August is marked as the “Organ Donor Month”. Please consider becoming an organ donor.

End of term newsletters often reflect on the terms achievements, reflecting on our boy’s achievements or activities such as our outreach initiatives to support Mandela Day, innovative classroom use (Flipped classroom, blended learning and technological fusion across learning areas), changes in policies such as our updated bully policy or the start of our popular robotics club and web coding. Sporting fixtures, tours, highlights of both team and individual achievements are often revisited, while cultural success in the arts, drama or music disciplines are also celebrated.

This end of term notice chooses to break this norm and focus instead to remind One and All as to our entrenched preparatory DNA – our Saints Honour, Fruits of the Spirit and our Prep Values. It is most pleasing to see our boys and staff give action to this “genetic fabric” in their interaction with one another and guests to our school. This term has been highlighted by many examples and or moments of respect, humility, positive conflict, good manners, authentic connection and accountability.

During chapel time we have constructed themes to motivate and inspire our boys; “#IamSaints, “Run2theRoar”, “I am loved and I belong” and our most recent “No shrinking Back” services have further embodied our character and united us as a school family.

This family looks forward to the new boys who will be joining us in term three. We wish our brothers who are leaving the school all the best as your respective families move to new provinces and or countries. Remember, “Once a Saint-Always a Saint”.

To Mrs. M Gundu who leaves us to join St Alban's in Pretoria, may your research career and educational practice continue to thrive - Boys’ Prep has valued your 8.6yrs of educational service, professionalism and gentle interaction with the boys. Many boys owe their love for reading to you.  Mrs. J Wright who takes long leave in term three, may you enjoy this sabbatical treasure, taking time to invest in yourself and your family.

To all the travellers especially our boys going on the Uk Cricket Tour and the Cultural Tour, may you travel safely abroad and get to explore and discover more about yourself and this beautiful world we live in.

The end of term is finally here; we wish all our boys, staff and parents a restful break. We are confident our boys will return refreshed and eager to live their school when they return on the 5th September.

Yours in education

Mr. Q Pascoe