Boys' College Celebrate Outstanding Matric Results

January 14, 2020 | Boys’ College

St Stithians Boys’ College  are very proud of our Saints boys and congratulate them on their fine Matriculation results. These results are the culmination of their schooling journey, in essence the final piece to balance their significant contributions in Culture, Community Engagement, Spirituality, Sport, Outdoor Education and Leadership. They are well-balanced young men who are well prepared for the writing of the next chapter of their unique stories.

Our Head of School, David du Toit commented, 'The Class of 2019 at St Stithians Boys’ College have achieved excellent results in their final examinations, and we are proud of them. These results are the product of hard work, dedication and academic inquisitiveness but also of the significant contributions of their parents, peers and our dedicated staff. They have engaged passionately, thoughtfully and empathetically in preparing to have a positive impact on the world they will inhabit.  My hope is that every Saints boy in the Class of 2019 has achieved their goals and that their academic achievements are the steppingstone to their lives of significance and influence as adults. We are very proud of this class’s outstanding results which are the culmination of hard work and a dedicated approach throughout their high school careers. They have found balance in their approach to their studies whilst continuing to participate in multiple activities that have grown them as individuals. We pay tribute to the Class of 2019 for living out the vision and ideals of our College. Congratulations One and All on your fine Matriculation results.'

Click here for the St Stithians Boys' College Matric Results, while here are just some of the stories behind the numbers:


David Kamanga – A true Saints Knight


David joined St Stithians College in Grade 10 as a Thandulwazi Maths and Science Academy Scholarship student from Cosmo City Meridian Curro School. His Mathematics teacher, Mr Chauke had done some teaching at St Stithians as an intern teacher, and was aware of the Thandulwazi Scholarship that was offered to students at Grade 10 level. He put David forward and David won this scholarship.

David knew that joining a school in Grade 10 would have its challenges, but he quickly settled in – helped by the fact that he was in boarding and he quickly got to learn the ropes. It was a challenge coming to a big three term school like St Stithians College, especially as sport was compulsory – something that he was not used to. But while at St Stithians, he made the best of the sporting compulsory requirements and was involved in playing Hockey for the 3rd Team and soccer. He comments that it was through sport that he learnt teamwork perseverance, resilience, about hard work and built friendships.

David Kamanga with the Fundraising Manager for the Thandulwazi Maths & Science Academy, Charné Haak.

David achieved Academic Colours – meaning that he achieved an average of above 75% through Grade 10 and  Grade 11. He achieved above 77% in his final matric exams – and is especially proud of his 91% for Mathematics and 81% for Physical Sciences.  David is extremely grateful to his teachers for their guidance and help.

David has impressed his teachers with his commitment to all that he was involved in at St Stithians College and Collins Boarding House. He was always firm and fair. His humility made him an outstanding leader in the House.  His natural leadership ability made him a role model to all of those around him. David’s positive attitude and friendly manner made him an asset to the College.

David believes that his time at Saints has developed him into an Entrepreneurial Leader. He has developed discipline and good leadership skills which he feels will be crucial in achieving his goals.

What he has enjoyed at Saints is seeing the school spirit develop, as well as the extent to which the boys ae encouraged to think critically and have a voice.  He would like to see programmes like the Thandulwazi Programme be extended, by involving more donors and getting other schools on board to run similar programmes for the disadvantaged.



Cameron Rowe - A celebrated artist and sportsman 

Cameron is someone who is familiar with overcoming challenges and exercising tenacity in a manner that is worth celebrating. He is truly an example of someone who, in the words of F Scott Fitzgerald, never sees any defeat as a final defeat.

Cameron made the difficult choice late in his College career to change subjects and selected Visual Arts in the final term of Grade 11. It was within just a few weeks that he began to excel in the subject and found an deep love for the work involved. His teacher commented regularly on the huge amount of time he spent in the Art classroom, perfecting his artworks.

Leadership was natural for Cameron and this culminated in him being selected as Head of Foundation for his House, which included the great responsibility of integrating and mentoring the grade 8 cohort into the College.

All the while, Cameron remained committed to a demanding sports schedule, with cricketing results and successes that stood him and the Boys' College 1st XI Cricket team head and shoulders above the rest. Cameron was part of the team that won the Johnny Waite competition, the Lions Franchise Final and the National Coke T20 competition. It is therefore no surprise that Cameron also achieved his Cricket Honours at the Boys' College. He also played for the Premier league first team at the Wanderers Cricket Club. He recently represented Gauteng U19A cricket and the Imperial Lions during the recent Cubs Week in Stellenbosch.

Cameron has featured on two websites recently for very different talents: the first being his wildlife-inspired art, the other being his cricketing successes.

Cameron featured on the African Street Craft website.

Cameron featured in an SA School Sports Magazine Cover article

It proves that as a sportsman, an artist, an environmentalist and a leader, Cameron continues to Inspire Excellence and has embodied the perseverance required to overcome any single defeat. Cameron will be taking a year after school to pursue his cricketing career and to dedicate time to fulfilling both his sporting and artistic loves.  We wish him well.

SSP Student Sabelo Ntshingila (in his own words)

My parents taught me that the most important thing in life is “progress”.  

It seemed only natural to me to pick up an approach to life that I would always have a big and audacious dream to do what always seemed “impossible”, like Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, where their dreams seemed impossible and crazy.  

Naturally the dreams I have are far bigger than myself but I look to those who’ve done the impossible and I am instilled with so much hope in what can still be done. I know that the journey starts with a single step and in life, one never truly knows or reaches their full potential if they don't try. 
Growing up I was taught the value of UBUNTU, this taught me the value of giving and serving for the betterment of not only yourself, but more importantly, your community. I believe that my upbringing, and view on the world and beliefs that have been instilled in me and what I have experienced has made me a very inspired individual. This belief was further inspired by various leaders and authors around the world whom I found out about through reading. What they shared in common was their ability to persevere and maintain their goal of being part of the solution. This taught me what true leadership is. This belief is my core value, it is what makes and navigates the direction of my life.  

I attended Winnie Ngwekazi Primary in Soweto, and during my time there, myself and five other children were chosen to represent South Africa in the children's Parliament. Later I was awarded a scholarship by SSP to attend one the best schools in South Africa, St Stithians Boys’ College. I am extremely grateful and I continue to show gratitude to the organizations that believed in me and gave me an opportunity to grow and make my mark.  
I was a prefect (Head of Culture), Head of the school choir, Spirit Leader and Head of the school’s Djembe ensemble, the Diversity and Transformation Committee, the first team basketball and the grade representative for the OSA committee. 

When I'm not studying or reading, I play basketball or I work on my music. The highlight in my basketball career was that I got into the all-star team in the biggest high school basketball tournament and that our team was ranked number one in our season. As for music, it has always been a part of me, mostly because my dad is a musician but also because I enjoy playing. I play drums and I recently completed my grade 8 Rock School examination. I was also a member of the Duke of Cornwall singers that represented SA in the Men’s Choral Competition in Cornwall in the UK.  

Overall my school career this year alone has been one for the books – continuously serving the instilled vision of my youth – dream big, nothing is impossible if you try. I am excited for what the future holds for me, but I know I need to shoot my shot to know whether or not I’ll make it. Like Steve Jobs once said; "The people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do".