A Week in the Life of a Grade Four Student

June 04, 2024 | Boys’ Preparatory | Author: Mrs Michelle van Rensburg

It is exciting to be a young boy in Grade Four at the Boys' Prep! Days are filled with learning, fun, wonder and new opportunities, as the boys move from lesson to lesson during the school week. Teachers are always looking for different ways to present the content, using all the spaces available to them on our beautiful campus.

English: Dive into the gripping novel "Balaclava Boy" where students sport actual balaclavas, unraveling the mystery behind Tommy's daily headgear choice.


Sesotho:   Students whip up recipes on iPads.
Afrikaans: Engage in a fun Blooket game exploring fruits, veggies, and human anatomy, followed by a quiz.
isiZulu:      Present captivating dialogues.

Social Sciences: Get hands-on with map work in Geography, mastering giving and following directions by guiding blindfolded partners.

Art: Let creativity flow with an autumn-themed masterpiece using warm hues and leaves, coupled with a city skyline backdrop featuring a Kandinsky circle.

Mathematics: Get measuring savvy as students tackle length concepts using meters and centimeters.

Design & Technology: Channel inner engineers by crafting recycled material cars.

IT: Enter the world of coding with Scratch, paving the way for Grade 4 tech wizards.

The above is a brief look into the world of your Grade Four boy, and we haven't even touched on Sport, Culture and all the other opportunities on offer!