A picture paints a thousand words

July 09, 2021 | Junior Preparatory

The big question leading the inquiry was how to create a unique ‘vase in full bloom’. The designer ceramic vases, filled with billowing blooms of every kind, were absolutely beautiful. Mixing colours, blending and shading using watercolours, whilst utilising both complimentary and analogous colours, brought together these successfully implemented masterpieces.   

The children went on to create effective moonscapes with a silhouette of either wild birds dancing against the moonlight or alternatively a ballerina dancing ‘en pointe’.  The two finished pieces, ‘At Night’ or ‘At Sunset’, were testament to the ability of our skilled Grade 2 artists.  

Our third project for the first semester was a rainbow-coloured parrot, perched in front of a cage.  The creativity expressed by using pastels, with their deep and bright hues, was a huge success.  To add to the composition, the children were encouraged to design a ‘black line’ cage for their bird to perch on.  Interesting conversations regarding whether the bird should be in the cage or out were most valuable.  As witnessed in many of these ‘caged bird’ series, we can see that ‘free to fly birds’ won the day.  

These projects have been inspired through the investigation of patterns. Children have explored patterns in nature and it was wonderful seeing their curiosity, their research and their creativity come to life. 

We look forward to next semester where we will investigate works from some of our international and local masters and feature the next set of children’s artwork.