Boarding fundraiser

Help us refurbish the Boys’ College boarding houses


Architects proposed plans

There have been boys boarding at St Stithians College since our school opened in 1953. Over the 70 years that have passed, hundreds of boys have joined us in Collins and Mountstephens House to walk the path towards manhood with their fellow boarders. 

The world of 2023 is radically different from that of 1953. Our school has, and must always, keep moving with the times. 

Through modernising our boarding house culture, we have not lost sight of the heritage we proudly possess. We have held onto the traditions that make boarding at St Stithians a rite of passage. One which turns boys into young men ready to strive, lead and contribute to our world

Just as we have modernised our boarding culture, so we must modernise our boarding houses. This was last done in 2006. Twenty years later, we need to set to work again. We want our boys to feel at home, with access to modern amenities similar to those they enjoy at their family homes. 

We have changed the cultural space in which they reside, focusing on strong, healthy mentor/mentee relationships between senior and junior students. School psychologists work weekly in the houses encouraging correct study methods and organisational skills and we have moved away from any harmful initiation practices. Instead, we choose to focus on life-affirming and character-building traditions of which the boys can be proud. 

We want to complete this process by updating the physical facilities the boys enjoy. To do this we need to raise R40-million. You can help us.