Become An OSA Life Member

By becoming an Old Stithian Association Life Member, you receive value-added benefits for you and your family.

This once-off fee of R1800 entitles you to the following:

  • OSA members receive priority when enrolling their children who are on the waiting list at St Stithians College
  • Access to the Campus for exercising with your family.
  • Be notified of OSA Dinners, Reunions, Golf Days, Founders’ Day and other events.
  • Stay in touch with your Alma Mater
  • Access to the school chapel 
  • Booking of the One & All Club and St Stithians College Chapel at a reduced rate
  • Make use of the Sports Facilities at a reduced rate
  • Participate in a variety of sports through our Crusaders Club across football, waterpolo, hockey, running, cricket, diving, swimming, squash, rugby and Stithians Fly Fishing
  • Access to the OSA network portal network, a network full of saints alumni all across the world
  • Part of the membership includes giving back to the school, to contribute to the saints community and to help shape a better future.  

Below, please find our banking details:


BANK: First National Bank

BRANCH NAME: Bryanston            


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 621 4440 3433

REF: Your surname and matric year

AMOUNT: R1800.00

Please send a confirmation of payment to Caitlyn at in order to acknowledge your Life Membership. 

Should you have any queries regarding the above or any other suggestions as how the OSA can be of service, please do not hesitate to contact us.