The Grade 1 Winter Story Telling Evening.

July 25, 2019 | Junior Preparatory

There were 7 brave teachers who wore slippers and gowns to school. They arrived at 18:00 and prepared themselves for a night of magic and mystery. It was only a matter of time before hundreds of eager and excited children would descend upon them.

The teachers peered anxiously out the door as they did not know what to expect. What if after all their preparation and efforts, no one would join them? As their hearts sank and their smiles disappeared, they heard an all too familiar sound… A sound that makes you warm and fuzzy inside… A sound incomparable to any other… A sound of joy and innocence!

Their children had arrived and filled the playground with laughter and merriment. The children were all dressed in their pyjamas from ‘onesies’ to capes and everything in between. The teachers shared their favourite books with the children and they listened attentively, hanging on to each and every little word. Half-way through the evening, a treat of hot chocolate and marshmallows was served to keep the cold winter chill out.

The teachers were so pleased that their children and parents took the time to join them on such a special and memorable occasion. They have vowed to continue this tradition every year in honour of the pleasure and delight books afford us ANY and EVERY day!

And so they all lived happily ever after.