Thandulwazi Saturday School Online Learning Streaming Ahead

July 01, 2021 | Campus, Thandulwazi | Author: Charné Haak

Since the pandemic hit South African in 2020, online learning has been a constant for Learners across the country, having to adapt between the changes in lessons being presented in class or online depending on the lockdown levels and number of infections in our South African communities.  We are immensely proud of how effortlessly our Saturday School Learners have adapted to the changing learning and teaching platforms utilised to ensure that valuable contact days are not lost.


As the positive COVID cases started rising to alarming numbers in Gauteng, the Thandulwazi Saturday School Programme was shifted to online distance learning from 15 May 2021 to protect our 1,000 Learner Beneficiaries.  For the past six weeks our Learners have enthusiastically embraced the online lessons and learning content, even sharing the links with friends and family members around the country resulting in even more Grade 9 to 12 Learners being reached than just those that are formally registered on the Programme.  These amazing young people realise that hard work, dedication and consistency will lead to success.


Thank you to all our donors for making it possible for these shining stars in our South African future to continue focussing on their education despite the odds that they are facing.  Thank you for our gift of hope and light to make a world of difference to one and all.