St Stithians Boys' Prep Shoutouts

July 09, 2020 | Boys’ Preparatory | Author: Les Humphrey: Director: Arts & Culture, Boys’ Preparatory


This visual media montage was created as a social media tribute to our Boys’ Preparatory students from all the staff during our Online Distance Learning Programme in the COVID-19 lockdown period. It is times like these that have helped teachers and students alike to understand the importance of keeping our minds engaged during uncertainty. We are navigating new territories and learning new things as we strive to find various ways to work as a team and appreciate the invaluable connections we have with one another. Learning is unstoppable!

The intention of this tribute was for staff to show their admiration and respect for the students for their impressive approach to online education in times of a pandemic. We are so proud of the ways in which the students have embraced the online learning platform, demonstrating the values of being a true “Saint”.

A cap or hat passed from one staff member to another in each scene was used as a prop to draw attention to the well-known expression “My hat goes off to you”. The staff could be as creative as they wanted to be, thinking out the box to entertain the students.

Creating this video meant strategic planning from the Boys’ Prep Arts & Culture Department, as each staff member had to be instructed to receive and pass on the hat in a particular direction. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff in the department for the time and energy they put in to make this video the success that it was. Special thanks must go to Altus Moolman, who collated and edited all the video clips we received, adding a soundtrack to produce a professional final product.

Unbeknown to the staff, whilst they were busy putting their tribute together, the boys were hard at work developing their own tribute. The members of the BP PTA and Class Representatives worked hard with the boys to put their clip together. Who knew that all members of our community are so in tune with each other, that the tribute by the boys followed the exact theme as the one used by the staff?! Thank you, boys – your spirit and passion make all the hard work by the staff so worthwhile.

Enjoy the Shoutout! It has been produced to honour all students highlighting their strength of character.

From staff to students: “OUR HATS GO OFF TO YOU ALL”!


St Stithians Boys' Prep Staff Shoutout to Students

St Stithians Boys' Prep Student Shoutout to Staff