Sprayathon in the Junior Prep

March 03, 2023 | Junior Preparatory

On Thursday 23 February it was the annual CANSA Shavathon at St Stithians College. In the Junior Prep it took the shape of a Sprayathon.

Great excitement filled the school as children could be heard talking to their friends about the possible designs and colours they would like.

When it was time for the hair to be sprayed, you could clearly see two camps. Some children went from colour to colour station, hoping that the person spraying would create magic. The others were more strategic and waited to see the colours their friend’s hair had been sprayed before making a final decision.

Their faces shone as they showed off their hair to their friends. They posed happily for photographs and some even contemplated going back for more colours to add to their designs.

It was a fantastic morning filled with lots of laughs and enjoyed by One and All. What an awesome way to kick start half-term!

We thank everyone involved in the planning of the morning. We also thank the staff involved in the spraying of the children’s hair.

The money raised will be going towards Cancer research.