Spray-a-thon Mania in the Junior Prep

March 01, 2019 | Junior Preparatory

On Thursday 20 February the Junior Prep took part in the Campus Spray-a-thon. All the children were extremely excited! The Grade One children went to the Village Green where they found the spraying team waiting for them. There were many colours to choose from. The children could be seen showing off their new multi-coloured hair. The Grade R children sprayed their heads next and it was as if Christmas had come early. They were heard telling their friends that this was the best day of their lives. At one point you could see children who had already had their hair sprayed go back to see if there were more colours to add. The Grade Two children were the last to spray and you could see how eager they were, ready to run out of class to the Village Green. They were quick to find someone to spray their hair, some asking for ‘funky’ designs. They happily showed off their new hair designs to their friends. A number of staff members were really daring and also had their hair sprayed!

The money raised in all the schools will be going towards Cancer research.

It was a fun morning enjoyed by all, especially the children, and it was a brilliant way to kick start half-term.