August 13, 2019 | Junior Preparatory, Boys’ Preparatory, Girls’ Preparatory | Author: Alison Jennings

The team achieved a total of 19960 points for rider and horse combinations over the 4 qualifiers. 

Names of riders in the team:

Girls' Prep

-              Dominique Crow

-              Jenna Kirk

-              Hailey Gould

-              Genevieve Court

-              Amber McLoed

-              Amy Walker

-              Kayla-Jade Lourens

-              Tatum Jabour

-              Jennifer Lee Hindshaw


Boys' Prep

-              Cameron Gould

-              Matthew Bulwer


Junior Prep

-              Jade McLoed

-              Alyssa Gould



Individual Achievements:

In recognition of the top performing riders over all 4 qualifiers per discipline,


Jenna Kirk received a Silver Medal for Prix Caprilli and,

Genevieve Court received a Gold Medal for Equitation.