Rugby, Hockey & Golf vs Kearsney – A Long-Awaited Derby Revival

June 28, 2024 | Boys’ College

The weekend of 14/15 June marked the revival of a significant sporting fixture between the Boys’ College and Kearsney College. After a long hiatus since 2019, this re-established fixture showcased both triumphs and challenges, reflecting the competitive spirit of the derby.

Rugby matches showcased a series of fiercely contested matches. Despite some challenging results, our teams had moments of triumph and determination. The 1st XV faced a tough game, ending with a 50-12 loss. However, the 2nd XV secured a hard-fought victory with a score of 13-5. The 3rd and 4th XV teams encountered tough contests, losing 31-0 and 32-0, respectively.

Our U16 teams had mixed results, with the U16A team clinching a narrow 13-12 win, while the U16B team fell 37-10. The U15 teams also experienced ups and downs; the U15A lost 41-8, but the U15B brought home a 17-7 victory. The U15C team showed resilience despite a 43-22 defeat. The U14 teams demonstrated promising talent, with the U14A losing 26-7, and the U14C facing a tough 53-3 loss. However, the U14B team delivered an impressive performance, winning 27-5.

The Astroturf witnessed intense hockey clashes and, despite facing losses, our U14B and U14C teams fought valiantly, narrowing the gap to just one goal each. The second team displayed remarkable resilience, exchanging goals with Kearsney and settling for a hard-fought draw.

On Friday evening, our 1st Team faced the formidable challenge of playing against Kearsney - the 12th-ranked team in the country. Determined to give their all in front of the home crowd, our boys engaged in a contentious match. Kearsney struck first, and the game swung from one circle to another, with both teams vying for dominance. In the final minutes, Kearsney pressed hard in our defending circle, seeking an equalizer, but our team held firm, securing a thrilling 4-3 victory.

Congratulations to two of our players, Thomas Robinson and Liam O’Flaherty, who achieved their 50th cap for the 1st team. Overall, 1st team won 4-3, 2nd team drew 2-2, 3rd team lost 2-7, Saints U14A lost 0-3, U14B lost 1-2, U14C lost 1-2, U16A lost 0-5, U16B lost 0-5, U16C lost 0-4, and U16D lost 0-10.

Our golfers also got in on the action and faced off against Kearsney in a better ball match on Friday, putting on an impressive display of skill and determination across all their matches. By the end of the day, the results were evenly split, showcasing the evenly matched talent of both teams. Our players secured one win, a hard-fought draw in another match, and narrowly missed out in the third, resulting in a loss.

Our gratitude to our Boys’ College families who played a crucial role during the Kearsney weekend, providing support both on and off the field. Your gracious hospitality extended to hosting the visiting Kearsney boys exemplified the strong sense of community that defines our College. Well done to all players and coaches - your outstanding efforts and performances showcased the hard work and dedication that define our sporting community.

We sincerely thank Kearsney College, their participation underscores the mutual respect and shared enthusiasm for sport that binds our schools together. Overall, the derby was a testament to the grit and spirit of all our players, with notable wins and valuable experiences gained across the board.

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