Grade 2 Fashion Show

September 14, 2018 | Junior Preparatory

Last term, on Saturday 21 July, the Junior Prep was filled with lots of excitement as the Grade 2 children arrived at school wearing their innovative and creative ‘Recycled’ outfits for their Fashion Show.

The children were given a project whereby they had to design an outfit made out of recycled material that would normally be thrown away.

The scene was set: the runway was ready and popped with bright coloured flowers bringing it to life, and flamingos posed as a backdrop.

Back in the classrooms last minute repairs were happening, with teachers doing the sticky tape dance, stapling outfits together and making sure the children’s outfits were runway ready.

The children took to the stage in teams to showcase their amazing outfits: finally the hours of practicing and the time spent making and creating their outfits came to life.

The audience members were left amazed by the children’s out-of-the box outfits and confidence that they displayed on the runway.

A popular dance amongst the groups was the ‘Floss’. It was certainly perfected on the day.

In true fashion mode the children struck a pose during their routines giving the audience an opportunity to capture the moment.

It was certainly a successful morning enjoyed by all who attended, most particularly the children.