Old Stithian Cape Reunions 2023

March 10, 2023 | Campus

Cape Town Reunion :

Old Stithian Association in conjunction with the St Stithians College Advancement office arranged a series of events in the Western Cape to meet with Old Stithians.  At Hudson’s restaurant in Stellenbosch it was wonderful to catch up with our Stellies students from Classes 2015 - 2022 as well as some past teachers, staff and Saints family. Chair of the OSA, Mr Israel Skosana and Advancement Head, Alistair Stewart addressed the over 60 attendees about the school and encouraged the students to get to know each other, don a free cap and enjoy a slice of pizza and a drink with us.

Networking across the Saints Family as Mr Skosana stated is so important when looking for jobs. He also reminded us that "This evening it is our pleasure to fill your cup;  but later in life when you are successful, remember to reach out to St Stithians College when your cup is overflowing and make a difference in the lives of others."

 The past Chair of Council and Class of ’91, Carel Nolte was also in town and attended the event.  Carel has employed just over 50 St Stithians alumni in his company and is wonderful example of Servant Leadership to the St Stithians community and younger alumni.


There was a large group of Alumnae who attended and were able to catch up with Girls’ College Deputy Head, Karen Prinsloo. This was the first reunion where more Old Girls than Old Boys attended and it wonderful to see these young women having such a presence.

While in Stellenbosch the Advancement office took the opportunity to meet with the Advancement offices of Paul Roos and Stellenbosch university.  Both institutions shared insights, we swopped ideas and built relationships.


Wednesday, 1st March we hosted our first Stellenbosch luncheon with a few alumni which finished in different decades from St Stithians College.  Bobby Bertrand, Class of 1968, Andrew Sampson 1977, Kevin Brown 1995, John Hugget 1989 and Israel Skosana 2000.

Breakfast was held with the CEO of the Bokomoso Trust for their ongoing financial support of 2 students at the College.  We are also grateful to Collin and Chakkie Bishop for graciously accommodating us in their home for the duration of our time in Stellenbosch.

Thursday, 2nd March:

On 02 March, we hosted the Cape Town Reunion at Old Stithian, Brendan Crews’ restaurant The Office.  110 Old Stithians attended this reunion to connect with one another. Many came dressed in their old ties, matric jerseys and other Saints branded clothing.

A few UCT students saw their Marketing or Psychology lecturers attending and were surprised to discover they had attended the same school.  There was a good mix of PhD students, actuaries, Caribbean cruisers, oils rig engineers, students, journalists, restaurant owners, teachers, financiers, and retirees. Students 1963 all the way up to 2022.


The Advancement office and the Old Stithian Association are working closely together to ensure the long-term sustainability of the school. The 75 by 75 Campaign aims to grow St Stithians Endowment fund and secure the future of the school. 

A short visit to Wynberg Girls’ High was an eye opener into how gardens can be incorporated into the middle of your school and the transformation work that the school has embarked on.

Friday, 3rd March:

We hosted a Senior luncheon at Constantia Glen to make it more central for the alumni travelling to different parts in the Cape.   Founder Pupils, Jeremy Borchers and Clive Abraham (Class of 1956) shared stories from his early days at St Stithians.  Other Old Stithians included Terry Morrison (1973), Graham Lovely (1986), Scip Vernede (1974), Liam Cundill (1982) and former Chair of Council, Founder family and parent, David Schroenn.


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