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May 01, 2020 | Campus

We have been running our #SaintsMoments campaign since the 17th April and the response from our Saints Community has been overwhelming with Old Stithians, current students, parents and friends of St Stithians sharing thier inspiring, touching and happy moments with us.  Every week we are running the previous week of stories on our website so that our community that are not on social media platforms have the opportunity to read and see the moments that have been shared. Together we are Stronger, One and All.

Here are the #SaintsMoments that were shared from Friday 24 April to Friday 1 May:

Thank you to Liesl Hefkie for sharing these special moments of her daughter Jemmah Raphadu. The two pictures tell the story of Jemmah's first ever Founders Day at just 1 year 8 months old in 2015 and then her again in 2020 - in her second year at Saints, her first day of Grade 1 at our Junior Prep.

Her Mom had this to say about the moments' 'Jemmah was not even 2 years old and still on the school waiting list when she attended her first Founders Day in support of her Cousin Jared Hefkie in 2015 (Grade 10 Girls College), now she is a little Saint herself!'


This awesome photograph capturing an inspiring #SaintsMomentwas shared with us by Grant Ball. From left, First XV coaches Yaldren Vickery, Grant Ball and Philip Koen, with 2019 Headboy Andrew Jackson fist pumping in celebration in the background. Photo credit: Issie Bloem(her son JP was the scrum half)

The pic was captured in April 2018 and it was taken at the 1st XV rugby game vs St John’s College at St John’s.

Grant writes, 'After trailing 24-7 in the first half, this try by Nic Manas - seen lying over the try line where he ran through multiple defenders and carried a couple on his back - put us into the lead for the first time. The team would go on to complete a memorable comeback win 41-38, with Deon Fourie kicking a 55m penalty in the final minutes for the first win over St John’s since 2014. A great memory'.

Thank you to our Head of the Girls' College, Dr Sally James for sharing these memorable #SaintsMoments from the Grade 11 GC Leadership Camp in 2019.

'Each year our Grade 11s venture out to the Magaliesberg to the Spirit of Adventure leadership camp. Experiential, hands on leadership is the focus where students get to problem solve, work collaboratively and make strategic decisions as aspiring leaders. A great deal of fun is also part of the experience'.  Special moments for One & All.


Thank you to Taryn Henning for sharing this adorable #SaintsMoment. Taken in 2014 on Baytopp Field, her twin daughters, Amelia and Sophia Henning at their first ever Saints Easter Sports Festival - wearing their Saints Supporters stripes. 'This is a special memory because in 3 short years they would be attending the Junior Prep'. 


Thank you to Tracey Schmidt for submitting this wonderful moment captured between her sons Dylan (grade 12) and Nathan Schmidt (Grade 9).  The photograph was taken in November 2018 by Quentin Leech at the Gauteng Rowing Champs at Roodeplaat Dam. Tracey shared this about the moment, 'Nathan had only just started rowing, after attending the Rowing Camp in August of his Grade 7 year. This was his first Gauteng champs and his big brother, who was in the first team (1st V111) was giving him a few pointers before he headed off for his first race. Dylan has now, just finished his season as rowing Captain and was recently awarded his Gauteng Colours for rowing. Nathan just finished a very successful season with the U15's and is still totally committed to rowing.'


Now here's a moment for you, sent to us by Old Stithian AssociationEdwin Wulfsohn - it is the Form 1 Class of 1955! Edwin wrote, 'It would be great to reconnect with those in the photo. I am in the middle of the top row.' Should anyone from the photo want to get in touch with Edwin, please send your details to



Thank you to Old Stithian Jamie O'Brien for sending us this fantastic throwback moment of Kim Austin, Jess Chapman and Jamie O’Brien in their Grade 11 year in 2009. The moment was the St Stithians Girls' College Saints Fashion Show, which was all in aid of charity, Jamie commented, 'I remember that it was a fun event for all the girls. We got to model beautiful dresses and get our hair and make up done.' A great Saints moment all for a good cause.


A little bit of history to share compliments of Old Stithian Gavin Kruger. Gavin attended Saints 1979 to 1983 and was a boarder in Collins House. He comments on the photo, 'This is an aerial photo of the Boys College around 1980, which I kept for the last 40 years for sentimental reasons as I have since immigrated to Australia. It might be interesting for students and alumni to reflect on the changes to the grounds and buildings since then.'


Thank you to Saadia Ebrahim for submitting these inspiring moments. Every year our Junior Prep has a celebration to mark 100 days in Grade 1. These photographs, taken in 2019, capture how much the children love this celebration and our JP teachers always add to the fun by dressing up for the occasion, photographed here are Saadia Ebrahim and Noluthando Nkrumah getting into the spirit of things.


Thank you to Tania Wales for sharing this special #SaintsMomentwith us. Our Boys’ College Grandparent’s Chapel is always a special morning on our calendar, this photograph, taken at the 2020 event is of cousins and grandparents now physically apart during COVID-19 but together as a family - Kyle George Dawson (Gr 10) Johan and Jay Greeff and Adam James Wales (Gr11).



Thank you to Martine Baker for sharing this creative moment with us. Our Girls' Prep's Annual Fashion Show, with all clothing made from recyclable materials is always a firm favorite with the students and their parents. The pic was simply captioned, 'Saints breeds creative minds.' A moment to be remembered.


Thank you to Tamaryn Ross for sharing this special moment from 27 April 2019, her wedding which took place exactly a year ago today. 'Both my husband and I went to Saints as did all of our bridal party (I also teach in the Boys’ College). Seven of the Old Boys’ who had been members of the Dukes and former students of mine, surprised me by standing up and singing for us during the ceremony and then again during the canapés. I can honestly say that this was one of the biggest highlights of the best day of my life and it was all because of these amazing boys'.  A truly memorable #SaintsMoment - Happy 1 year Anniversary from #OneAndAll.


Thank you to Debbie Hutchings for sharing this happy #SaintsMoments with us. The photo was taken by her on the Wayne Joubert field at the Saints Boys' Prep Cross Country event in 2019 when the boys were in their first year at the Prep - Grade 3. From left to right you have David Hutchings, Alexi Tehocharides and Jack Wilson.  Debbie said of the moment, 'They have been best friends since Grade R in 2016 and they all love their sport'.


Thanks to Charlie Post for sharing these newspaper articles from the year 2000, One article written by renowned and respected School Sports Journalist Theo Garrun about Saints' dominance over KES that season, and the other, a picture of Andile Ramaphosa running through his old St John's team mates, when we managed a 37-13 victory. Some inspiring #SaintsMoments.  These matrics of 2000 will celebrate their 20 year Reunion this year! 


Thank you to Louise Eichner, our Junior Prep Art Teacher for sharing this photo and showing where our students love of art and culture in the College begins. Taken in 2019, our Grade students jumped at the opportunity to dress up as Frida Kahlo in their Frida Kahlo portrait art class. They listened to Mexican music and learnt all about Frida’s life, art works and inspiration.



Thank you to Dikeledi Masoka for sharing this very special #SaintsMoments of her daughter, Ndaloenhle Masoka on her first day in Grade 1 earlier this year, taken at the Gateway to our Junior Prep.Dad took the photo and Mom writes, 'The excitement of being in grade 1 and wearing that white shirt at last....' - a moment to be treasured.


'Boys’ College is wild when The Beast is on Campus!'  Thanks to Rhona Williams for sending this pic of Reece Williams and Joshua Metcalf meeting one of their heroes on the Saints Campus. Rhona writes, 'What an introduction to #SaintsExcellence for these Grade 8’s. Taken in July 2019 when the Springbok Rugby World Cup Winners trained on our beautiful fields'.


Thanks to Founder pupil of the Girls' College and Old Stithian Association Melissa (McCulloch) de Araujo who matriculated in 2000 for sharing this cool #SaintsMoment. 'Hanging out in our Matric room. We were founder pupils who joined the college in the first year of its opening in Grade 8 (Standard 6 at the time) and went all the way through to be the Matric class of 2000.'Pictured from left to right are: Caroline Ebden, Carren Bigham, Jennifer Luyt, Penny Cooper, Melissa McCulloch and Jayne Naisby.  This group of Saints Matrics will be celebrating their 20 year reunion this year!


Thank you to Leigh Wilson for sharing this inspiring moment with us.  Leigh's story submitted with the photograph says it all, 'Joshua was inspired to take up Mountain Biking at St Stithians. His passion for this sport has grown and grown through the support given to him by Courtney Watson and the team of coaches at Saints. His enjoyment is evident at events like LIke2Bike. This photo, taken in March 2020, is now on the lLike2bike website. Thank you to Saintsfor inspiring our boys to be the best they can be.'


The Passage of Time - here is Branden Lightfoot with Mrs Raath, his Grade Two teacher, pictured as he leaves the Junior Prep in 2014. He is also pictured towering over her at his Grade Seven Leavers’ Dinner as he says farewell to the Boys’ Prep in November 2019. Photos courtesy of Branden’s Mom, Amanda Lightfoot. Great #SaintsMoments to be treasured.


Thank you to Yumna Peer for sharing another special hero moment at Saints. In January 2020, her kids (Adam, Azeem and Nabiha Peer) were lucky enough to meet Old Stithian Association Kevin Anderson as he was arriving to practice on the Saints courts. A great moment to remember.


Thank you to Violet Norma Jack (affectionately known as Miss Jack) from our Junior Prep for sharing this photo from 2017. It was the Junior prep school swimming gala for all houses. 'This was me representing East house girls Grade 1s, special moments to be treasured.'


This is a throwback moment sent in by Rob Harpur (Class of 1970) of their group from Std 7(Grade 9) in 1967. He captioned the pic, the ‘1967 BREAK TIME CROWD - These were all Day Boys who used to gather outside the Chapel and steal the Boarders' sandwiches!!’
Back row: Alan Jackson, Geoff Carter, Edwin Blake, Alastair Dick – Mike Jackson to the right
Front Row: Gavin Ware, Rob Harpur, Grant Wilton, Steve Grewar, Andrew 
Hudson, Geoff Hoy


Some great photographs by Caroline Miller capture a happy afternoon in House 19 in 2019 - the Saints Girls' College boarders enjoying happy times in our boarding house. Their faces say it all, wonderful moments indeed.


Thank you to Louise Eichner for sharing this #SaintsMoment with us of Old Stithian Association Wiaan Mulder and Thomas Eichner at the 2016 Saints Sports Fest.  Louise wrote of the photograph, 'It captures the true essence of Saints Fest and the Spirit that lives within all in our community of belonging!'.


Thank you to Carla Jordan for sharing this sportsmanship photo taken by Michaela Whitfield. A cricket photo capturing young Kian Jordan of our Boys' Prep consoling the batsman from the opposing team who was quite distraught about being dismissed. These are the reasons that sport is so special - so many lessons learnt, so much more than just the game and the result.


We are inspired by the response to the #SaintsMoments campaign.  The variety of moments that have been shared is truly incredible, showing the diversity of our incredible Campus and the opportunites and experieces that it has offered from 1953 all the way through to today.  Should you wish to contribute to the #SaintsMoments Campaign, please send your image, along with the story about the moment (date, event and meaning) to and we will share it with the Saints Family.

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Thank you One And All for continuing to Inspire Excellence and for Making a World of Difference