Maths Excellence - Tour De Maths

September 19, 2020 | Boys’ College | Author: Eugene Stolk, HOD: Mathematics

Tour De Maths Results for 2020

In a year that was always going to be remembered, we are remembering it for all the right reason in Mathematics. Shortly after the announcement of the lock down it was realised that the Tour De Maths competition that runs at seven different schools each year would need to change its format to survive.

With some strong coffee to help, the entire Tour De Maths moved from being an in person event to an online event. At the same time we decided to expand the footprint and invite schools from around the country to take part in the competition with us, or if schools didn’t want to compete they could use the papers for fun with their own students in their own time.

It is with great excitement that we can confirm after Monday night’s final leg of Tour De Maths 2020, St Stithians Boys’ College have come 1st in the School competition (for the 4th year in a row) and even more exciting, we can announce that Cameron Thompson (Grade 9) has won the Individual prize for 2020. Cameron was ahead of 1021 other students on the ladder, and in total 2959 unique answer scripts to mark this year. So Cameron’s achievement is unique milestone in our competition. Along with Cameron we are very proud to have 12 boys in the top 30 students this year, with St Stithians as a College taking up 15 of 30 places.


Cameron Thompson

Ashley Kevan

Michael van Beek

Daniel Karlsson

Kian Van Ryswyck

Tiago Paixao

Yashiel Rajpal

Michael Kevan

Nicholas Dobson

Jordan Georgiev

Tanner Kleynhans

Willem Greeff


I would like to thank all the teachers and students for all their time given and look forward to an exciting Tour De Maths 2021.


Cameron Thompson