Nelson Mandela Day

July 23, 2018 | Girls’ Preparatory

Grade 5 projects girls were tasked with giving back to the community. They used the TASC wheel to identify areas of need and went out and gave back to the community. 

In preparation for the day, our staff have not only learnt the skill of blanket making, but managed to produce enough blankets for each child.

Our girls, did their bit in preparing the family packs which was made up of groceries, previously loved clothing and much needed toiletries. They wrote beautiful messages of hope and encouragement for each family.

At the Handing Over Ceremony, the late Nelson Mandela’s great granddaughter Zamakhosi Obiri presented a poem written by her in honour of him. 

'The greatest,

The most well known

The most determined man I know.

That will forever be known as 4664

Fought a system

And conquered a system

Well respected

Represents this great country

There’s only one man

My great grandfather

Nelson Mandela'

It was then followed by 67 quotes individually read by the boys in Boys’ Prep.

Reverend Gift shared a word of encouragement that we too can be the Mandela of today and make a difference. Thereafter, a team proceeded to visit Rays of Hope, Ithemba la bantwana in Alexandra  to deliver the blankets, food packs, toiletries and clothing collected by Girls' and Boys' Prep.  The packages were received with grateful hearts. 

Thank you to all parents, students both Boys’ and Girls’ Prep as well as staff for assisting with donations.