Junior Prep visits Kamoka Bush School

October 11, 2019 | Junior Preparatory

On Saturday 5 October a few Junior Prep parents and staff went to Kamoka for an overnight stay. As they got to Kamoka they were welcomed by Kerry and Steve Baytopp and their team and shown to their rooms or cabins. After unpacking they went to explore while waiting for the rest of the visitors to arrive. When everyone was there Mr and Mrs Baytopp officially welcomed everyone and introduced their team. They explained how the day would run, with the first activity being an ice breaker. Each person had to pick a partner they could carry. When the counsellor shouted a number they either had to pick their partner up or allow them to climb onto their back or they had to kneel down and their partners had to sit down on their backs or their partners had to get down into wheelbarrow position. It was so much fun as everyone scrambled to perform the right action for the number called. Thereafter they played another icebreaker where they had to turn in the different points of a compass. After the icebreaker they headed to the dam for a swim and a chance to relax. There was lots of laughter and fun in the water. After swimming, lunch was served and there was time to rest before the next activity.

After lunch there was a talk and one of the facilitators told everyone more about the Kamoka resident owl. It was very informative and there was an opportunity to ask questions. After the talk there was a quiz session. The quiz groups were also the groups for the evening’s cooking competition. It was interesting to see people being strategic as to who they sat with – a standard question was “can you cook?” or “how would you rate your cooking and baking abilities?”

The multiple choice quiz based on nature was very entertaining and people started getting into serious game mode. When they weren’t sure of their answer they made sure that they all agreed on the answer they thought was correct before showing their answers.

After the quiz, there was a time out period while the camp facilitators got ready for the ‘MasterChef Cooking Competition’. The rules were simple – make 2 dishes, starter/main or main/dessert that would feed the members in the team. The judges were Kerry, Steve and the camp chef Sipho. There was an array of ingredients to choose from but once the pantry was closed there was no going back. There was such creativity in the dishes that were made and the plating was amazing.

After cleaning up, the campfire kept everyone warm. When it was bed time everyone was exhausted!

Sunday morning started with a run for the early risers. Those who opted out got to lie in and enjoy the comfort of their beds a bit longer. Everyone gathered at the lapa for coffee and rusks and thereafter headed out for a hike to the waterfall and a nature talk. The guides were extremely informative and gave many interesting facts about the plants and trees. The swim at the waterfall was very welcome as everyone was hot and tired from all that walking.

A well-earned and delicious brunch was served at the lapa before everyone packed up to head back home.

It was a wonderful and enjoyable jam-packed weekend for all. We thank Mrs Saadia Ebrahim for organising the weekend and Mr and Mrs Baytopp and their team for ensuring the families had a memorable weekend.