Junior Prep Number Sense Day

June 22, 2018 | Junior Preparatory

The Junior Prep children were immersed in a day involving fun mathematical activities. The 21st of June 2018 marked our annual Number Sense Day. This term the Junior Prep Mathematical Drive Team decided to call the day “Smarty Smart Day”.

Children arrived at school in their school uniform but needed to accessorize with a specific number which they were given by their class teacher. Accessories ranged from the Fifa World Cup country flags, Jo Jo Siwa bows, Lego men and various forms of pony tails and stickers. All children had to bring a 40g box of smarties which was used as a resource in exploring various mathematical concepts. The children particularly enjoyed counting their smarties, graphing the number of colors and comparing who had the most blue smarties or the least amount of pink smarties. The best part of the day was when the children ate their delicious smartie treat.

The children also brought in a well-looked after puzzle which will be donated to the Junior Prep School. The boys and girls enjoyed building their puzzles and we know they will enjoy building the puzzles in the days to come.

The 21st of June also marks Winter Solstice and as part of discussing the longest night, the idea of fractions was introduced. Pizzas were ordered and cut into 16 slices and each child enjoyed a scrumptious slice of margarita pizza.

The “Smarty Smart Day” magic was part of specialist teaching lessons too. We believe that in order to learn mathematics, you have to do mathematics. The children thoroughly enjoyed been involved in fun mathematical activities where their logical and critical thought processes were engaged.

The joke of the day:

Q: “Why didn’t the two 4’s feel like dinner?

A: “Because they already 8.

Thank you to everyone involved in making the day a success and bringing fun and life to mathematics.