JP to Matric Journey 2022

October 10, 2022 | Campus, Junior Preparatory, Boys’ College, Girls’ College | Author: Julia Phipps, Advancement Office

The annual JP to Matric Journey event celebrates those students who joined the Saints family in the Junior Prep and this year, we were delighted to have our parents join in this important rite of passage event. The journey through a child’s school years intimately involves both parents and students, and this visit back to where your journey began is both emotional and celebratory.  It is a time for reflection and laughter about how much you have grown and developed.  This is encapsulated in the JP to Matric Journey brochure, produced annually as a memento for all to enjoy. The first and last picture comparisons always create a light hearted moment.





The Junior Prep teachers love having these young adults back in their space and welcome them back into their classrooms for one last visit.  Students wonder how they ever fitted into the tiny chairs and tables, and Grade R students gaze with big eyes at these young adults who seem so wise and old!

This year's event began with an address from Alistair Stewart and Gayle Harris who welcomed the students and spoke about importance of the moment.  A surprise guest appearance from Mel Dace (The Class of 2022’s Junior Prep Head) was greatly enjoyed and she gave the students and parents some words of wisdom to inspire them as they move into this next phase of their lives.  Israel Skosana (OSA Chair) also spoke of the wise choice parents made 13 years ago when choosing St Stithians College as the place to educate their children.  He reminded the students to appreciate that gift.

Pictures with their teachers, climbing their old jungle gym and playing with the Grade R’s was endearing to watch.  Visiting the library and seeing the books that they donated on their birthdays so many years ago brought back many memories.

A small jar of sand from the sandpit was gifted to each student by the Junior Prep to remind them that in life, its important to keep playing.  In turn, the Matric students of 2022 also gifted a Bird Bath to the Junior Prep Grade R playground as a token of their appreciation for all that the Junior Prep means to them as a class.

The Matrics were then treated to a spirit cry performance, including a rendition of “The Best” by the colourful Grade R’s.  James Lowman asked the Class of 2022 to remember a special friend and classmate who passed away 2017 - a special moment for all gathered there.  Finally, both the Boys’ and Girls’ Colleges sang their College war cries for the Grade Rs - goose-bump moments indeed.

This event is always a special one in the Saints calendar that is looked forward to by many matrics and their parent - and from their enthusiasm and enjoyment on the day, it is understood why. 

Good luck Class of 2022, and remember, Once a Saint, Always a Saint!

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N.B. The video for the event is in production and will be posted here as soon as it is available.