Hooked on Books

July 20, 2018 | Junior Preparatory

Hooked on Books is always one of the highlights of the year in the Junior Prep, and this year was no exception! The three actors had the children enthralled for every minute of their hour long performance.

The books that were acted out were: ‘Mr Penguin and the Lost Treasure’, ‘Stink: Twice as Incredible’, ‘Alan’s Big Scary Teeth’, ‘Freddie Mole: Lion Tamer’ and ‘Tilly and the Time Machine’.

The children were given an opportunity to come up and participate in the show. They were dressed in costumes and given a quick run through of what they had to do then it was “Lights, Camera, Action!” They took their acting very seriously and gave stellar performances while being cheered on by their peers who were eagerly watching everything unfold.

It was a successful morning and the children couldn’t wait to read the showcased books on their next visit to the Library.