Grade RR Mother’s Day Celebration

May 21, 2021 | Junior Preparatory

The Grade RR children celebrated their moms and the significant carers in their lives by having a “Muffins with Mom” morning. The day before, the children spent the morning baking delicious chocolate muffins. They had fun adding all the ingredients together, mixing the batter and decorating their muffins. Some couldn’t help but have a little taste of the mixture! The children waited with anticipation and waved frantically when they saw their mom walk into the classroom to watch them sing a few songs, specially dedicated to them. They made us all so proud: how well they had learnt the words and how beautifully they sang. The children drew pictures of their beautiful moms and fascinating comments and conversations about their moms took place around the drawing table.  They had spent the week discussing their moms’ favourite colour, what they thought their mom did once they had been dropped off at school and why they loved their mom so much. A variety of very interesting responses were given. According to most of the children, mom goes straight home to cook! The moms/special people and their children spent a happy morning enjoying time together, connecting with each other and chatting about what their children liked most about school. Moms were introduced to the mud kitchen, painting and book corner while some moms were seen drawing pictures at the art table, rolling playdough and exploring the interesting activities in the classroom. The muffins the children had baked were beautifully packaged and the children thoroughly enjoyed sharing them with their mom or special person. Tea, coffee and juice were also served.  What a special time they all had, having muffins and tea for two!