Grade 4 - Dads’ & Daughters’ AMAZING RACE 2018

May 24, 2018 | Girls’ Preparatory | Author: Bianca Morais

Dads and daughters teamed up in mixed groups and made their way around the school, completing various activities and figuring out the clues to get from one place to another. We had various country stands setup with fun activities to complete.  The Italy stand had the girls painting their dads nails – well done to the dads for being such good sports!

One of The teams even showed their strategic excellence at Greenland by creating a human chain to fill the buckets of water so they could save their energy after running more than 5km around the school.

Water Chain

The team spirit was fantastic, singing war cries to motivate each other and bringing that healthy competitive edge. 

Teams enjoyed a well-deserved ice cream and chip 'n dip when they returned as well as each girl receiving their own medal!