Grade 2 Art Project

May 29, 2020 | Junior Preparatory

As part of our Online Distance Learning curriculum, the Art and Culture aspect of learning remains at the core of getting children to become active researchers in constructing their knowledge and to explore their creativity based on facts that they have researched. The Grade 2’s had fun exploring famous masterpieces or any masterpieces that they thought were famous.  The children have been learning about the elements of self-portraits and still life art work. With this innovative inquiry based project, children were pushed to using their inquiry, exploration and discovery skills choosing a piece of artwork that was interesting to them. They took a snap shot of their famous painting and then had to find elements within their home that they could use to impersonate and recreate the artwork. Through this process the children researched many interesting facts about their art pieces and shared these confidently with their teachers and class mates. We are astounded by the incredible recreations that the Grade two’s created and we are extremely proud of their massive effort that they executed with this task. We thank Mrs Louise Eichner for her ideas and facilitation of this project. We can’t wait to see what these children will produce at the Nature Inspired Fashion Show. If we base our experience on this project, we certainly are assured that the designs of Louis Vuitton will be put to the test! Well done Grade 2’s!