Grade 2 and Grade 6 Buddy Picnic

November 26, 2021 | Junior Preparatory

As we bid the moon goodbye and night turned into day, we rushed to school to get our buddy picnic underway.

We had sent videos and knew the faces we'd greet, but how excited we were that we would finally meet.

Although our delicious treats we could not share, our new friends understood and felt it fair.

Our classes in three’s on Ridgway field descended, Grade 2 and Grade 6, the children blended.

Our buddy will be in Grade 7 when we’re in Grade 3. The purpose is to welcome and look after us you see.

We had so much fun chatting about our new school, the older girls and boys make it sound cool.

Wearing blazers, red week, blue week and so much more, that we can explore!

We’re grateful we could uphold this tradition, even during yet another Covid year, we brought the buddy picnic to fruition.

We love the JP but it’s time to say goodbye, to our very first Saints family, we’ll try not to cry.

To visit our teachers and our old classrooms is our plea, we know it’ll happen because the JP rocks synergy!

Thank you to all involved for this special event, you have no idea just how much it’s meant.

You’ve done all you can, now it’s time for Grade 3.

Siyabonga, re a leboga, baie dankie and thank you!