Grade 1 & 2 Sports Day

May 04, 2018 | Junior Preparatory

The Grade 1 & 2 children had their Sports’ Day at the end of the first term. The weather was wonderful and the children were buzzing with excitement. Parents, grand-parents and other family members were there to watch. In order to show their support they were dressed in the different house colours of their child.

The event began with a war cry from each House and the parent’s enthusiastic applause added to the festivities of the morning.

Thereafter the sporting events of the day kicked off with a cross country race. After cross country the children went to the different sporting stations, which included relay races, shotput, long jump and Frisbee, all of which were non-competitive.

As per tradition, the Sports’ Day ended with the children watching their siblings, grand-parents, parents and teachers run in the ‘Big Peoples’ races.

Great fun was had by all who were present.