February 14, 2020 | Girls’ Preparatory | Author: Sian May

The fact that it was Valentine’s Day only added to the hype as children clad in every shade of red, pink and white enjoyed the fun of socialising with their ‘brothers’ from across the field! Our day started off with varied Visual Arts activities appropriate to age and stage. From sand art to solar system beaded bracelets, loom band fun, pom-poms and rocket design, the children had it all at their fingertips!

After their session of all-things crafty, our girls and boys were treated to some excellent South African theatre. The Boy Who Cried Ninja, from Contagious Theatre Company, had our Grade 3 - 5 students bubbling over with laughter, while our Grade 6 and 7 seniors enjoyed Well Worn Theatre’s Plastocracy. The play spoke about a world gone plastic mad and the catastrophic impact that plastic pollution has on our earth’s eco-systems, especially our oceans. Girls and boys were challenged to ‘Just Say No’ to single use plastic. Live performances are always such a powerful activist tool and assist children to radically examine, interpret and discuss the most pressing eco-social themes of our time. In this regard, our girls were left both challenged and entertained.

After a hearty break, our next first-hand experience was in the Performing Arts genre. Participation in drumming, boom whacking, a silent disco, Zumba and theatre games made for an exhilarating hour chock-full of fun and fanfare – our girls could not have asked for more…except possibly another hour at school!