Girls' Baraza Day on 'Celebrating the Strength and Beauty of Diversity'

May 11, 2017 | Girls’ Preparatory

The day started with Mrs Mngambi conducting an assembly on Diversity so the girls could gain better insight on the concept.
Afterwards the girls participated in numerous activities which promoted awareness and sparked debates about the beauty and strength of being in a diverse school and country. Different tools were used to bring through the theme in a practical way.

You make a difference in the bigger picture

As Girls' Prep, we pride ourselves in developing servant leadership and excellent communication skills in our girls.  

As a result, we will continue to host the 'Baraza Days' once a term in order to give the girls a voice in transformation issues.

We encourage parents to also engage with the girls on the importance of loving and being proud of oneself, yet at the same time, respecting and embracing other people's differences.