Comrades for Cancer

June 02, 2023 | Junior Preparatory

Our children are tenacious, brave and healthy. Our children and the staff completed the annual Comrades for Cancer route. We so appreciate the support for this initiative and the value it adds bringing our Junior Prep community together.

Cancer research and support for cancer sufferers in South Africa are vital endeavours that deserve our utmost attention and commitment. The impact of cancer on individuals, families, and communities is profound, making it crucial to invest in ongoing research efforts to develop innovative treatments and ultimately find a cure. By supporting cancer research, we can unlock new insights into the disease, leading to improved early detection methods, more effective therapies, and enhanced quality of life for those affected. Together, through dedicated research and comprehensive support, we can empower individuals and families battling cancer, fostering hope, and making significant strides in combating this devastating disease.

Thank you to our parents who assisted along the route to help maintain our course, deliver water to thirsty participants and a chocolate to keep the children going.

Strength and endurance to all in our community who are participating in the Comrades Marathon next weekend.