Can one author change the world?

June 07, 2019 | Junior Preparatory

This was the question posed. So we got right into it to see what we could expose!

The task required patience as the process would be long, but we were confident in our search as no answer is ever wrong.

We read about Lilly, Wembley and Owen… I think you can see where all of this is going.

Kevin Henkes uses each child’s name, to teach us important lessons must be his aim.

Lilly really wanted to be a teacher but when she didn’t get her way, she became a less than pleasant creature all through the day.

Wembley was a sweet but anxious girl, there were so many things that plagued her small world.

And then there was Owen with his blanket you see, he carried it all around for without it he was never free.

We enjoyed reading each story and the discussions we had; sometimes funny and others a bit sad.

Please have a quick peak at our artwork and writing, but please don’t critique! We too are just trying.

So can one author really change the world?

The answer was never the point we’re so sorry to disappoint.

It’s the sharing and debates and difference of opinion that give us growth and make us one in a million!