2019 Coca-Cola Schools T20 Challenge National Champs

March 25, 2019 | Boys’ College

The 2019 Coca-Cola Schools T20 Challenge National Finals took place at the University of Pretoria (TUKS) from 15 - 17 March 2019. This challenge sees South Africa’s top 8 school T20 teams battling it out to be named national champions, offering school sides the chance of representing, and donning the colours of their local franchise teams. 


Mr Wim Jansen, Director of Cricket at the Boys’ College:

St Stithians have now become the first school to win the Coca-Cola T20 four times, (2014, 2016, 2017, 2019). We have managed to win the Johnny Waite and the Franchise final four out of the last six years. Great credit to our players and coaching staff who have sacrificed many hours to achieve this.

The reason for our success on the cricket field.....

There are no short cuts, only hard work and practice! Secondly, to become better at this game on has to play more. That is exactly what we have done, play-play-play! We have played 27 games since we started in January this year, a key aspect to our success. We also have a great combination of coaches working with our 1st X1. Charles Coventry's vast experience at international level has aided our batting in all formats. Philip Koen is a great motivator and his attention to detail has stood us in good stead the entire season. Peter Stringer gets on with running our three jugs bowling machines ensuring that all our batsmen hit enough balls.

One of our greatest strengths as a 1st X1 is the fact that we enjoy each other successes, always a sign of a good team. Cameron Rowe, Jodi Da Sousa and Liam Mostert have all scored more than a thousand runs.

We also have a very special seam attack with Sebastian De Oliviera (74 wickets), Tristan Brooks (64 wickets) and Matthew Liberman (56 wickets) this season. Add to that Liam McCarthy who has taken 30 plus wickets and scored 600 runs. Our team has also worked very hard on fielding and that has paid off as we took some great catches in the Coca Cola National T20 competition.  

We are extremely proud of this magnificent achievement the by our cricketers! They have set the bar very high for the teams that will follow. Credit to our coaching staff for the skills transfer and enormous time sacrifice.


Day 1

Game 1 - Lions (Saints) vs Knights (St Andrews Bloemfontein)

Lions (Saints) 149/8

Cameron Rowe 35

Jodi De Sousa 33,

Liam Mostert 29


Knights (St Andrews Bloemfontein) 103/9

Matthew Liberman 3/12

Tristan Brooks 2/20

Lions (Saints) won by 46 runs with a bonus point

Man of the Match: Matthew Liberman


Game 2 - Lions (Saints) vs Cobras (Paarl Gim)

Lions (Saints) 151/4

Cameron Rowe 74


Cobras 151/7

Sebastian De Oliveira 1/22

Tom Winter 2/37

Super over Cobras scored 9

Lions (Saints) chased down the score and won off the last delivery with a brilliant six by Jodi de Sousa         

Man of the Match: Cameron Rowe


Day 2:  

Game 3 - Lions (Saints) v Coastal Focus School Hudson Park

Lions (Saints) 170/3

Cameron Rowe 64

Liam Mostert   35

Jodi De Sousa 29


Coastal Focus School Hudson Park 99/8

Tristan Brooks 3/23

Matthew Liberman 2/22

Lions (Saints) won by 71 runs

Man of the Match: Tristan Brooks


Game 4 - Lions (Saints) v Titans (Waterkloof)

Titans (Waterkloof) 136

Tristan Brooks 3/30

Liam McCarthy 2/27


Lions (Saints) 137/3                    

Liam Mostert 82*

Travis Ladner 34                            

Lions (Saints) won 7 wickets

Man of the Match: Liam Mostert


Day 3:

Game 5 - Lions (Saints) v Inland Focus School Queens High School

Inland Focus School Queens High School 106/7

Matthew Liberman 1/17

Sebastian De Oliveira 1/11

Naysha Zvinoera 1/11


Lions (Saints) 107/1

Cameron Rowe 39*

Jodi De Sousa 34

Liam Mostert 29*

Lions (Saints) won 9 wickets

Man of the Match – Cameron Rowe


Game 6 FINAL - Lions (Saints) V Dolphins (St Charles College)

Lions (Saints) 123/7

Travis Ladner 41

Sebastian De Oliveira 35

Cameron Rowe 20


St Charles 70                     

Liam McCarthy 4/14

Tristan Brooks 2/17

Lions (Saints) won the final by 53 runs

Man of the Match – Liam McCarthy

Lions (Saints) crowned the T20 National Champions 2019


Cameron Rowe – Batsman of the Tournament