100 Days in Grade 1

July 12, 2019 | Junior Preparatory

The Grade One teachers have found this statement profound as we’ve watched our children conscientiously count school days from the beginning of this year. It was with great excitement, baited breath and a lemon fruit of the spirit (patience), that we awaited the big day.

The children worked diligently throughout the week on various activities where the focal point was ‘100’. Discussions and ideas about ‘When I am 100, I will…’ filled the classrooms with laughter and creativity. The children did a data handling exercise where they had to count and tally various objects. After careful counting and capturing, they realised there were 100 objects before them.

On our much anticipated day, we gathered on Ridgeway field and brainstormed as a grade, how we would make the number 100 with our bodies. Through rigorous debate and compromise, the entire grade managed to conquer this 3 digit task. After such a mammoth undertaking all the children were treated to a cake and candy sale, which was the icing on the cake!  Happy half way there Grade One!