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St Stithians Girls’ College is one of South Africa’s leading girls’ schools. Within the Girls’ College we strive to produce confident young women who are able to lead a life of conviction and purpose.

The College’s Methodist focus offers our young women important guiding principles enabling of this life of purpose which is central to the Saints Honour Code, namely “Honour God, Honour others and Honour self. The Girls’ College provides a safe, nurturing and inclusive community where young women are encouraged to explore, experiment and investigate. The Girls’ College prides itself in continuously striving to provide a real, relevant and holistic education for young women.

Our goal is to prepare our students for the social and economic realities of our time, and, in addition, equip them to best cope with the uncertainties of an unknown future. The Girls’ College is embracing of twenty first century learning ideals, whereby our curriculum fosters a creative and innovative approach to learning in line with the needs of our country, with a focus on preparing students for their contribution to a broader global society, and importantly towards their own self-fulfilment.

Our school is one which truly inspires excellence and makes a world of difference. 

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