The Stithians Endowment Fund

The Stithians Endowment Fund was established in 2010 with a view to providing the school with a secure financial asset.

Although perceived as a wealthy school, St Stithians is a not for profit organisation and all of the school fee income generated is used for operational costs. Additional fund raising must be done for additional financial planning such as pandemics, capital projects and bursaries. The 75th Anniversary Endowment Fund Campaign aims to raise 75 million rand for the school by its 75th birthday in 2028 in order to assist the school with financial planning.

Why R75 million?

St Stithians College celebrates its 75th Anniversary in 2028, and this campaign is part of the celebration. The goal is to raise R75 million for the St Stithians College Endowment Fund and R75 million for the Thandulwazi Trust Endowment Fund, by 2028.

The Endowment fund is not a current account but rather a strategic financial asset that is prudently invested to beat inflation and grow in order to generate funds for the school. Post 2020 it has become even more evident that the establishment of a strong endowment fund is an imperative if St Stithians College is to weather any storm and continue to provide safe guidance to all those in our community.

An endowment fund is not simply one fund, but rather it is made up of many projects and bursary funds which the money is ringfenced for. Individuals, Trusts or Companies may partner with the St Stithians Endowment to start a fund. Part of the donation will be distributed, and part will be invested to ensure the project or bursary does not run out of money, keeps up with inflation and continues to provide financial support for what it was intended for.

St Stithians College Endowment Fund

Robert Wylde Scholarship Fund

The following people and organisations have partnered with the St Stithians Endowment fund (all of which contributes to the 75 Million by our 75th Birthday campaign) to ensure that they are part of creating a lasting educational legacy in South Africa.

Fiona and Zanele Nzau Leadership Scholarship

Old Stithian sisters, Fiona and Zanele Nzau (Classes of 2015 and 2019) both wanted to provide opportunities for historically disadvantaged students, with leadership potential to receive a financial aid. Together with their parents they partnered with the Endowment Fund to create the Fiona and Zanele Nzau Endowment fund.

Currently this partial scholarship is awarded to a Grade 9 for 3 years starting in their Grade 10 year. The Nzau family commits a certain amount of funds each year, 75% of which is saved and invested, 25% of which is distributed. This ensures that their fund continues to grow while currently assisting students. Their long-term vision is to provide a full scholarship.

Robert Wylde Scholarship

David and Ingrid Wylde are Robert Wylde (Class of 1995) parents. David was the 4th Head of the Boys’ College and later became the first Rector of the school.

Robert passed away tragically in 2016 and his parents wanted to ensure that his godchildren were well-educated and afforded the opportunity to attend St Stithians College. The Robert Wylde scholarship will initially educate Rob’s 2 godchildren but with careful fund management, additional boys will also attend the school. This is a full scholarship covering both tuition, boarding and incidentals.

Carel Nolte Cultural Scholarship Fund

The Carel Nolte Cultural Scholarship Fund was established in gratitude for the years of service Carel Nolte provided the school as a Council member, Chair of Council, OSA Chair and loyal Saints supporter. The fund aims to provide opportunities for budding visual and performing art students to attend St Stithians College and further their talents and education. It also aims to improve the spaces and facilities used by the performing arts students.

The Garden of Remembrance Fund

The Garden of Remembrance is located on the Cheetah slopes on Chapel drive. It is an important space for members of the community to remember those who have passed away. The Garden requires ongoing maintenance and care and we welcome donations towards keeping it as a beautiful tribute of those who have gone before us.

Old Stithian Association Fund

The Old Stithian association was established in 1954, one year after the school was founded with the aim to care for the interests of Old Stithians. The organisation is financially stable and supports the work being done at the school. The Old Stithian Association Fund aims to assist Old Stithians in financial need and capital projects taking place at the school.

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