Today’s children rarely experience life beyond school, the sports ground and video games.

St Stithians has a sixth school, which offers the children new and unforgettable experiences. Kamoka Bush School is an outdoor education facility situated in the beautiful Waterberg, and owned and operated by St Stithians College.

At Kamoka, St Stithians scholars of all ages camp outdoors, with fully supervised forays into the bush around the school.

They learn about the animals and insects that are there in abundance, and they learn to respect the environment in which they stay.

In addition, the highly experienced staff at the school engage the children in team-building exercises, with a sing-song around the campfire bringing a fun end to a busy day.

Through these camps at Kamoka Bush School our students experience the eight Rs of outdoor education (OE), as outlined by our Rector, Dr Tim Nuttall:

  1. Rites of passage – opportunities for important, structured transitions, tied in with seasons of school on the College journey.
  2. Relationships – enhancing social and emotional intelligence, and enriching relationships within the school community and beyond it.
  3. Reach – embracing new encounters, widening horizons, and taking students out of their comfort zones. These experiences happen through physical exertion, social and emotional stretch, and new learning opportunities.
  4. Rootedness – giving participants a sense of place, of being grounded and connected. This relates to unique and beautiful natural and physical spaces, and to local contexts and communities.
  5. Responsibility – developing high levels of personal organisation, teamwork and collective accountability. Outdoor education offers a dynamic laboratory of leadership, as well as promoting environmental consciousness.
  6. Risk – enabling learning through managing risk, making mistakes, and dealing with danger. Outdoor education involves risk, which has many educational dimensions, as well as associated issues of safety and risk management for Kamoka, which are taken very seriously.
  7. Reflection – time to think, time to be, and time to grow in self-awareness and spirituality, all critical opportunities in our fast-paced and often superficial world.
  8. Resilience  -The mental strength and a positive attitude to bounce back from difficulties and challenges, to have the belief in oneself to adapt, and to overcome risk and adversity whilst realising that setbacks are learning opportunities.

The students who have had the benefit of attending the Bush School remember their experiences in a positive way, and many of them continue to enjoy all that the bush has to offer long after leaving St Stithians.

To view directions to Kamoka, click on the PDF document below:

Kamoka 2016 brochure