At Stithians Girls’ College boarding is seen as an investment into the personal growth and development of each student. A boarding experience places emphasis on the child developing a strong sense of independence and ability to explore a variety of opportunities and activities in a safe and nurturing environment. Boarding at St Stithians Girls’ College is a precursor to life after school, where the development of independent, flexible, adaptable and well-adjusted young women are sought after in the tertiary sphere as well as in the workplace.

Living in a school boarding community provides each student with the unique opportunity of developing strong social bonds. At the Girls’ College where diversity is highly valued, boarding provides a unique opportunity to get to know girls from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures as well as mix with a range of age groups. In addition, with the Boys’ College boarding accommodation and staff housing forming a part of the larger campus residential scene, students have a wonderful opportunity of forging meaningful connections with the broader campus community.

The St Stithians Campus is a place of natural beauty, which offers boarders access to incredible facilities throughout the week as well as over weekends. This is well suited to the involved and committed student, who often spends a great deal of time at school due to the vast array of activities on offer.  The extensive campus offers each child a sense of ‘controlled freedom’ within the concrete urban jungle. The peaceful setting, whilst providing a sense of freedom, also provides careful structure, where hard work, honesty and respect are valued and honoured, this providing each boarder with a unique advantage that has proven to contribute to their overall academic success and happiness.

Admissions Information 

St Stithians Girls’ currently offers boarding accommodation in three family units, each of which replicate a small home environment. Each house accommodates 12 students who are cared for by a house assistant. Our director of boarding oversees the running and administration of girls’ boarding in general. Our boarding homes have a strong focus around student academics. Academic aptitude is used as a selection criterion for admission into the boarding programme.

Currently three boarding arrangements are on offer:

  1. Weekly which runs from Sunday afternoon, 16:30 through to Friday afternoon of each week.
  2. Termly where students will be able to stay in boarding accommodation over weekends. During this time, the same care, meals and supervision will be offered to our students. Allocated study time will also be written into the weekend programme to ensure students remain on top of their studies. A termly boarding opportunity is well suited to students who have difficulty commuting home over weekends, as well as for those individuals who are very involved in sporting and cultural programmes after hours. If your daughter opts and is selected for a termly boarding arrangement, she will be allowed TWO additional exit weekends per term, over and above the compulsory half term out weekend.  The two additional exit weekends would normally be a weekend in the first part of the term (prior to half term) and a second weekend in the latter part of the term, following half term. In a termly agreement, no further exit weekends will be allowed, unless permission is granted for a special reason, agreed to by the Director of Boarding and the parents/guardians concerned.
  3. Occasional where students will be able to stay in boarding for a particular period, normally shorter term. This could relate to an exchange student, a scenario where parents may be travelling for an extended period and or when the needs of the student/family dictate a short-term boarding opportunity.

Should you wish to submit an application for our Girls' Boarding offering, please download the application form here and email the completed form to 

Should you wish a tour of the boarding houses, please contact the Marketing department, or the Girls' College Communications Manager Carmen Isaacs on